shopping at woodbury commons

  1. Hi there,
    I have heard about this outlet shopping place (on I-95, exit 16??),
    and I know there are many shoppers here ...
    So I am asking if its worth a trip there ? Any tips/ comments??

    Can I just park in one spot and walk to all the different stores or is it
    not that close to each other... I have no idea what is there..
    what are the top stores etc...

    Can anyone offer their experiences and of course (for me anyways),
    shopping also comes hand in hand with eating... any good eating
    places there ??

    thanks !
  2. Hi DB, its funny you brought this up, as I am moving to Harriman in 1 week, which is less than 5 mins from Woodbury Commons!

    I have always had a good time going there and would certainly recommend it! I have found some good deals too! Here are some links that might help you. The first is a list of all the shops. The second is a map of the Commons (you will need Adobe to view the map). You can definetly park in one place and then walk to the all the stores! I usually park in the Purple Colored lot (the Commons is broken in to color coded sections to help you find your way around). One tip I have is to bring water, its outdoors to walk to all the shops and can get very hot!

    I definetly recommend going. Set aside at least a few hours or a day. There is a lot to take in. It can be quite crowded on a sunny day on the weekend, so if you can manage a weekday you would be a little better off. Oh and they do have food, see the shop list as it has a food list there!

    I imagine it will only take me a few weekends once I move in to become a Woodbury Commons expert. Hope that helps! Let us know if you go. I would love to hear your take on it and what goodies you get!
  3. db89 - it's a fantastic outlet mall!!!

    BTW, it's located off I-87, not I-95:flowers:
  4. I was just there recently. Go to all of the shops!!!
  5. that place is SO big! i drive all the way from VA and i never have enough time to go to all the stores. i just went this past monday and we're already planning a trip for the weekend after next (this time, it's just the girls!). i suggest setting aside ALOT of time if you really want to get alot of shopping in. and their eatery has alot of good places to eat so i wouldn't waste my time leaving the outlet just for food. oh yes... WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES!
  6. Wow i've never seen a place that has so many day i'll get there. Is that the biggest and better one?
  7. I went there when I was at a conference! It was awesome! You need a whole day to shop and very comfortable shoes. It was one of the best shopping trips I've ever had!
  8. wow, now I really really have to make sure I get to go...........
  9. Is there a play area for kids to keep them occupied while I shop ??
    I thought I heard that from someone... was not sure if he meant
    at woodbury ....
  10. Ladies, is it worth it to go there on a Holiday weekend like Memorial Day, Thanksgiving etc or just a regular weekend would be fine to get the good deals & best selection?
  11. i have never been there but am planning a visit soon.
  12. I'm going in August, can't wait! :smile: