shopping at Tysons Corner

  1. I'm going to be shopping at Tysons Corner on Friday....what is the Hermes store like? Where exactly is it? Do they sell shoes too? Thanks for any information you can give me.
  2. Chaneljewel, the Hermes store is not in Tysons Corner but across the street (route 7) from Tysons I in Fairfax Square. The complex includes Tiffany's, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. I would say the store is decent in size. They have a nice selection of scarves, accessories, ready-to-wear, bags on display. I have never purchased a bag there, only accessories, so I can't speak to how well-stocked they are but I am sure one of these NOVA/DC-metro ladies know better than I do. Good luck!
  3. I stopped in that store during a business trip a month or so ago and had the most amazing service! Of all the H stores I've been to, they seemed to have the nicest collection/display of enamel bracelets.
  4. ^^ I agree, the service has always been pleasant and helpful.
  5. Lovely Store and the SA's are wonderful, espeically Keith and Priscilla. I have been to Hermes stores all over the US, Mexico City, Europe, Austria (3) and Prague, and the Fairfax Square store has the most wonderful SA's. If they dont have an item, they will search the North American stores and get it for you!
    Name any other store that does that!
    Trina the Directrice is also the nicest person around and will go out of her way to assist you.
    Happy shopping and maybe you should think about the 35 cm Trim II with the gussett, great bag.
    susan von
  6. One thing you will love about fairfax sq Hermes is that service. The first time I went to get my bracelet, they were so accomodating! No matter what you will enjoy your time there.
  7. you would have the most wonderful shopping experience there. every SA is knowledgeable about Hermes and is willing to go an extra mile for you. dont be surprise to find bags that you won't see elsewhere. lately i have seen bolides, birkins, kelly and all sorts of exotics on display. good luck!
  8. I am not sure that I have been in as many Hs as Susan (Ive been in about 25 Hs) and I have to agree that the VA Hermes probably has the best customer service. They are just wonderful.
  9. Butting in: DH and I are heading down there on Sunday; SO glad to know about the super service!!