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  1. Hello all.... Can anyone share their experience with this company? I'm itching for a LOVE bracelet and they have many to choose from?
    Thoughts??? :graucho:
  2. I have never shopped on their site but I have looked on bcuz I was going to buy preloved, but the pics of their live bracelets look fake! Esp since they are trying to show that It is real. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462098134.294235.jpg
    Maybe it's an old bracelet?! Idk. Best bet to ask for more pics of the imprint. GL
  3. I have noticed that several pics of WG seem to have a slightly different font for the Cartier name. And not just pics from TF, but from many different sites. Does anyone know if the WG *is* stamped differently?

  4. Are you talking about the "Cartier" stamp? If so, there all the same stamp. No difference in how they stamp it. Just the serial numbers and sometimes they will stamp serial numbers or logos in different positions. Hope that helps.
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    No what I mean is, see how much thicker the letters in "Cartier" are on the photo above?

    Look at pics of YG, the letters are thinner.

    I'll try to post a pic of YG

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  6. Yes, I see what you mean and that is what I was referring to also. Mines is not that thick and all the "Cartier" stamps are the same. There is no difference in what gold it is made with. Hope that helps.
  7. Ok great! Thanks!!
  8. That bracelet looks old not fake to me. My mom has old ones and hers all look like that.
  9. I was thinking about purchase a Cartier item on this website too. The website also does offer financing option which is nice, however I spoke on the phone with them and they told me not all items are available to be shipped out, they will have to authenticate it first for you. I was about to go for the Love bracelet on their website but changed my mind and got it on Cartier e-boutique instead🙂
  10. This is an older marking (from around 1999). Anyone else have experience with this site? I would like to add another Love to my bracelet but will only buy the old system.
  11. BEWARE. Do not buy from them! My husband bought me a Cartier bracelet on TrueFacet for Christmas. He ended up getting me something else, though, and began the return process of the bracelet with TrueFacet. They sent him a return label to ship the package. He packed up the bracelet, and shipped it off with their prepaid label. He received an email saying the Cartier box arrived empty. He absolutely shipped the bracelet in the Cartier box, so asked for video or photographic footage of the returns department to see if it we could tell if it was someone internal who stole it, or someone with UPS who stole it. They have refused to provide any footage. They also have not refunded us. Now, they are not returning any of our emails.
  12. I have heard of the same complaints with Fashionphile although many seem to think it's the postal/UPS/FedEx carriers that are swiping the items because they know that items headed to that destination are a high price tag item. So it may have actually arrived empty but not thru any fault of TF. Fashionphile does insure packages so you file a claim. Did you try that route??? If they didn't insure such an expensive shipment then shame on them.
  13. They did not insure it...
  14. I do not know how the purchase was funded but if it was with a credit card you can attempt to dispute
    the charge.
    No communication is never a good sign & sorry for your experience
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