Shopping at the Mothership

  1. I'm living in Paris and from time to time when I walk down the Champs-Elysees someone will stop me to ask them to make a purchase from LV for them. I generally ignore them and tell them in my best French that I don't speak English.

    What are these people doing? Why don't they buy what they want themselves? Are they trying to scam me?
  2. I've heard sometimes people will do that because they aren't allowed to purchase LVs so they can take them home and replicate them. I thought it had something to do with making fakes or something?
  3. as above, they wont sell to some people due to counterfitting. they purchase multiples of the same items for models for faking.
  4. The same thing happened to me several years ago and I always wondered why...
  5. LV in Japan costs much more than Paris, so Tourists from Japan would go to Paris to buy LV and even with the plane ticket, it'd be cheaper than Japan. This cuts into LV Japan's bottom line.

    So, LV Paris basically raciallyy profiles. If you look Japanese, you can't buy more than 2 bags.
  6. ^^^ That's what I wanna say.
  7. yes, lv won't let people of asian descent purchase a lot of bags. therefore, a lot of asian tourists will ask other people to buy bags for them in exchange for money. most of these asian tourists are not counterfeiters. they just want to buy lv bags for themselves, but they're not allowed to.
  8. I thought all people were limited to buying no more than two of the same item? Something like that...
  9. Has anyone seen LV at the Ala Moana Center in Hawaii....The asian tourists go Crazy. Kalakaua Ave basically thrives off rich asian tourists.
  10. I've heard that there is a limit to how many items you can buy in a year (something like 30, but i'm pulling that number out of my ass).
  11. This is all new to me i never new that LV had limits on the amount you could purchase let alone the types of races who were allowed to purchase LV.

    I may be a little slow, but i think that this is a little back wards in thinking, and clearly isnt stopping the fake market.
  12. u can buy as many LV as u like

    u can buy for others n use the receipt to earn extra money from the VAT claim at the airport

    i dun think they will stop u from buying due to your race, in fact, i think LV has more asian customers
  13. i've heard that there are shopping trips from asian countries where literally a bus will pull up in front of lv, tons of people get out and go into lv and buy out the store. they basically close the store so they can shop. is this not true?
  14. i saw a sign in a gucci store last time warning customers they are allowed to buy only one similar item.
  15. hmm if i'm not wrong 1 passport can only buy up to 2 bags per visitor? its all because of some chinese buyers buying them especially LE, then selling them in blackmarket with ridiculous prices