Shopping at Sawgrass Mills in West Palm

  1. :P Has anyone here ever shopped at the huge outlet plaza in West Palm called Sawgrass Mills? I haven't been there, yet, but one of our local title companies is treating a group of realtors to a shopping trip there. We'll be going by tour bus, and it will be a shopping frenzy all day. Good thing no one will have to drive back for the 3 hour ride after 8 hours of shopping! I was wondering if anyone had picked up excellent deals on low to mid tiered designer handbags....thought this would be a great opportunity to do so!:idea:
  2. I've shopped there eons ago. Bring your walking shoes. The mall is huge and in the form of an alligator. I would suggest looking for a map online so you can focus on the stores you would like to visit.
  3. You really need to focus for Sawgrass - there is no way you can do it all in one day. Check out the store listing and if you want any more info. feel free to PM me I always go there when I visit home.
  4. I haven't been there in a loooong time. It's huge and always REALLY crowded. As winternight said, check out the map so you can focus on certain stores or else you'll never get lost in the craziness of it.
  5. Its actually Sunrise florida not West Palm Beach. I live minutes from there and it is huge. It is sometimes more hit or miss though. There is a lot of stores but many are not really great. I have on occassion found a few nice things. The Neiman Marcus outlet can be good, Saks off 5th, ets... have a great time!
    PS feel free to pm me with any questions
  6. I shop there about twice a year. It really is enormous. Here's a link to the upscale shops and outlets:
    The Mills Properties

    Have fun!
  7. Yes, I agree on the hit or miss thing. WHen I lived in Florida I used to hit the Orlando Designer Outlet a lot. I think some days(obviously weekdays) are better than others. I found some steals at Barneys, Versace and MaxStudio. The one store I had no luck with there was Burberry. Never any bags(that I would carry)was the problem...they had some good deals on the coats and stuff though. I think NM and Off Fifth can be great if you are looking for accessories, but a lot of things I found had imperfections. I enjoy the hunt, though, so wear the comfiest shoes and clothes you can, and good luck!
  8. Thank you, everyone, for all your input. Silly me, I never even thought to look the place up online. Can't wait, though. I think I'll bring my rollerblades so I can really cruise along. Ha!! Shopping with about 7 of my friends along can be challenging, too, so we'll see. I'm sure I'll be able to find a handbag or two. Thanks, again!!!
  9. It is in Sunrise- which is West of Ft Lauderdale. I actually do not like shopping there- it is WAY too crowded and the stores are a mess from all the people going in and out. They did just open up an even higher end strip of stores there- I have yet to check it out but it is supose to be nice.
  10. Oh btw. the crowds aren't so bad in the newer upscale section that has Barney's, Burberry, Theory, etc. Honestly, I can't even deal with shopping in the other areas b/c of the crowds. Burberry might have the knight check bag, black on dark brown, at least I saw that in an outlet up here. I would also try Neimans, Ferragamo, and Saks for bags, although I haven't been lucky enough to find any outlet bags myself.
  11. I go to school a few minutes from there. You REALLY have to decide where you want to go beforehand. I mostly go to Coach, Neiman's, & Nordstroms ... I haven't been anywhere else in maybe a year. They have good deals. Saks is so so, so I usually skip it. If you can stay in the new area most of the time, DO! It is way less crowded.
  12. I've never been the one in West Palm (didn't know there was one there)... however I have been to the one in Sunrise, FL... it's fun but it's so big and it gets tiring walking around that much... plus it's been crowded everytime I've been there
  13. Look online ahead of time...they probably have a list of all the shops...maybe you can map out where you really want to shop, so you won't waste your time and your precious feet! Have Fun!!!