Shopping at LV in Boston next week

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  1. My question is this: Will the boutique carry all lines of the zippy wallet and key holders? My husband is taking me on a 2 hour ride there to pick out something for my birthday. I told him I wanted something small and we didn't need to go all the way there. I could have ordered it online or something, but he's insisting.

    We did this last year when I purchased my first LV (had the absolute best time).
    :tup: I can't decide which zippy or which 4 or 6 keyholders..... My current bags are: Mono Popincourt Haut and Azur Speedy (for now)....

    Thanks guys!
  2. I think you should call two days before you go so they can place whatever you are thinking about purchasing. That way, you'll know they're in stock.

    As for which to get, are you getting either a Zippy or a 4-6 Key Holder? If so, I'd choose the Zippy hands down. The Zippy looks GREAT in Vernis in the Pomme, IMHO. The reason I chose Pomme is because it seems like you need something vibrant to spice up your LV collection. :tup:

    If you are going to also get a 4-6 Key Holder, I suggest getting it either in MC or Vernis. :tup:
  3. ya it's best to call first.

    Get the zippy, it's more useful!

    Have fun
  4. also, if you go to copley, there are 2 stores- one in saks and then the lv store. check both! there's a great sa at the saks store- her name is lee. have FUN!
  5. I love my mono zippy!! It's such a great wallet!
  6. Thanks for all who responded. I read my post again, and I wasn't super clear. I want a 4-6 keyholder for my B-day which is soon, also I'm looking to pick out a zippy for Christmas with any bonuses I might get:rolleyes:

    Also, thanks to John for your extra help....