Shopping at intermix


Apr 15, 2007
I get emails from intermix all the time with promo codes and discounts.

This morning, a “fall essentials edit” came out with 40% off the collection for 48 hrs only.

Well, I happen to be in the market for a fall wardrobe refresh so I took a look. They have a few things I liked but from designers I haven’t tried previously and anything bought on promo is final sale, even new stock. Doesn’t make any darn sense. If I return it, you could turn around and sell it (as it is this season) and at full price.

Anyone know why that happens?


Dec 27, 2009
Intermix has 100% always been this way, and it's beyond frustrating.. I have no idea why. Occasionally they will make exceptions if you have a relationship with a local brick & mortar, but I'm going to guess that you obviously don't have one near you. Outisde of that, they definitely adhere to the final sale policy which is totally not industry standard.

They have lots of really nice and often exclusive pieces so I do shop with them quite a bit, but it's almost always in person because their ecomm has such unsavory policies like this.