Shopping at Hermes the first time

  1. I think Hermes is awesome, but ive never actually entered any of their stores. So tell me ladies are there any unwritten rules that i should know before entering, any tips u can give me? Ive heard before not to ask for a birkin, but what if i see another bag i really like?
  2. welcome!

    are you going to buy a bag or just to look or are you looking for something?
  3. I feel the same as you do connie.

    I've recently purchased two Hermes scarves on eBay and I want to buy a scarf ring, but I'm actually scared to go into the store. I'm normally jeans, tshirt, and sneakers girl and I'm afraid about getting looked down upon. How sad is that? I've never been afraid to enter any other designer store, but Hermes? It's on a whole other level..*L*
  4. Thanks for replying so fast :flowers: Hermes does feel like a whole other level, I still plan to go though lol. Not really looking for anything in particular just want to go in and if i see something i like buy it.
  5. Im just curious...why in the world can you not go in and ask for a Birkin?? I never knew that!!!
  6. Stophle, if you're planning on going to either of the Texas boutiques, I think you'll find they're both really nonthreatening and very nice. There are friendly, helpful SAs in Dallas and Houston. Really, truly, absolutely zero reason to feel afraid of "getting looked down upon." I mean, c'mon, it's Texas. These are mostly Southern girls here!
  7. I was scared also but my first experience was great I ended up getting a ring and earrings depends on where you go as well, IMO NYC luxury brand stores seem a little snobbish
  8. yeah I was too. but now I am in deep and go in all the time

  9. Im sure a person could go in and ask for a birkin, but since they're handmade and only make so many, dont they prefer them to go to regular customers? im a first timer. at least thats what ive read on here. The stores nearest to me are in san francisco and palo alto.
  10. theres one in palo alto?
  11. The Palo Alto store is inside the Neiman's and has a pretty small collection. I'm usually wearing flip-flops while shopping there and they are aways nice to me.
  12. Last week I was in Hermes at Madison Avenue and saw a girl in short shorts and a white t-shirt. She walked out of the store the proud new owner of a brand new 25cm Birkin.

    At least in New York, money talks. :tup:
  13. Yeah, I'll be going to the Houston one. I just discovered it by accident the other day when I was driving by!

    I figured it was probably just my own issues discouraging me, but H is normally so out of my price range, that the two scarves I bought are a splurge. I didn't want to feel...unworthy? of going in. I know it's silly. *L*
  14. PM'd you, Stophle
  15. i totally felt that way about Bergdorfs. and lv. and then hermes. actually with hermes i called first. there was something i wanted so i called and was connected to an SA (who is still my SA to this day) and he told me he would let me know when he found what i was looking for. by the end of the day he called me back and i went in 2 days later to pick it up. i was slightly intimidated but as with anything in life if you're open and friendly you'll get it back in spades!

    good luck. you're going to love it so much you'll go back again and again and again!