Shopping at H with bag bought from reseller?

  1. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I was wondering about the experiences of those of you who have relationships with a particular SA/store and who also buy from resellers (especially new bags from eBay/other online). Would you/do you ever carry your bags from resellers when shopping at your H? Do your SAs ever comment? :tup:? :tdown:? :cursing:?
  2. I've brought some of the H bags I bought from other boutiques overseas or from resellers and the typical comments would be "It's nice" or "we haven't seen this in our boutique before."

    My SA has never asked where I got it nor would I volunteer such info unless it is relevant. Don't think my SA would care though she did mention to me one time that I should buy all my bags from her instead of trying very hard to get it from other boutiques because she can help me do that. ;)
  3. ^ I've had the same experience exactly.
  4. Not surprisingly, I do it ALL the time. I have yet to buy a Birkin in my "primary" boutique, and it's not for lack of trying! Often I tell my SA exactly where I bought it...but sometimes I hedge a bit, depending on the circumstance, the bag, the age, the rarity, etc.

    All SAs are different, though, just like all clients are different. You just have to gauge their reactions as well as you can and roll with it.
  5. thanks for your replies, ladies!
  6. If my SA ever said that to me, I would buy all my stuff through her but I shop mainly in NYC where they are kinda indifferent. My SA knows that I travel and visit H shops all over the world and she is just glad that I get all my stuff from an authorized H shop instead of eBay.
  7. that's kind of what I was wondering. Hypothetically (only have one H bag) I'd feel fine walking in with a bag purchased from an H boutique, or even a preowned/vintage bag from a brick-and-mortar. I''d be uncomfortable if asked about a bag I'd bought on ebay, knowing how they frown on that.
  8. I don't think that's something you really have to worry about lara. I think I've only been asked that question twice and both times the SA's sounded genually interested. They both came up during a conversation, where I live and the fact that there are no Hermes stores there was the main topic. Anyway, the first time I semi lied and said U.S. (I was traveling in Europe and the reseller lived in the U.S.) and the second time my bag actually came from a store so....

    Besides, people travel, move etc. and build up their collection differently.
  9. thanks. LOL- Note to self: "ok to 'semi lie' in high-pressure H situations".:devil:
  10. Yeah, they do frown on that. Most times, I pretend I dont even know what the internet is. ;)
    Technically, all authentic H merchandise once came from a H store so you are not really lying
  11. This is exactly my experience. Exactly. I wish my SA would tell me to try to get it through her, but the truth is I have things that there is no way they could get for me.
  12. I don't think it's just ok, I think it's flat out necessary :roflmfao:
  13. ^^ ITA. It's called survival...
  14. Why would one even mention that? It's none of their business.
  15. People travel extensively, so why should they only buy from one store? Especially when bags like Birkins are so difficult to find, surely one would snatch up whatever one sees?