Shopping at H stores in Canada -anyone?


Jul 21, 2006
I cannot believe my pocket square (with prints) cost me $175 CDN (without taxes) and twilly was only $150 CDN....

I know on the website, twillies are $115 USD and PS are $100 USD...

Anyone thats shopped at Canadian locations verify this with me? I already checked back with my SA and she told me the plain PS are $125 but the ones with prints/color are $175.... I am not doubting her but my oh my.. I know its a TINY TINY item but I am just in shock! :crybaby:
Hi Kou, thanks for your reply...

yes its about 20-30% more but how on earth is a twilly cheaper than a pocket square (or is it because its only in the US) because I do recall another thread indicating that in Euros; the pocket square was "more" expensive?

Ah it just doesn't feel right when I know the twilly should be the more expensive one and yet I'm paying more for the cheaper item ><

I'm a cheapo also, every dollars counts. heh...
^^^ Prices in Canada don't include local taxes (14% in Toronto, for example). I did hear that it's possible to get a portion of the taxes back upon your departure from the country but, apparently, it's not that easy (several forms to fill out, it has to be a certain amount, etc.). I hope someone else can chime in as I've never done this myself.
There are some BIG price differences, and SMALL price differences. It really depends on what item you are looking at - but you will always pay more in Canada.

For example, a 35 clemence Birkin in Canada is only about $500 or so more expensive in Canada (before taxes - after the US price increase). However, some of the wallets and smaller accessories are proportionally much more expensive in Canada.

Mistikat is currently in the U.S. and is comparing apples to apples on some items. She will probably be able to tell you more!
Thanks H_addict and Piaffe! I am mainly looking for smaller items. I live in Sweden but there is unfortunately no H shop where I live so I am really looking forward to the visit to the H shop in Toronto (I'll go to Toronto on vacations on Wednesday) even if it is more expensive than Europe and the U.S.
I was in the US a few weeks ago and the prices in Canada (Toronto) are more expensive here.

As for the taxes: My relatives have claimed the 5% GST (federal) tax back. As H_Addict mentioned there are forms to fill out and I'm not sure if you get money back on the spot or if it eventually get credited to your credit card or you get a cheque in the mail. The 8% provincial sales tax is not refundable.
last year november 2007, i was in vancouver and buying/comparing prices to the USA.... the prices in canada are higher... even when i factor in the dollar exchange.....we, canadian buyers are definitely paying more. as the dollars are almost equalling out- prices r still better in the USA.... (unfortunately...) i dont know about other countries....
I purchsed a bag in way to get taxes back there for some reason. Yes, things are pricey and taxes there on top of the price tag is 13%!! ouch. As for scarves, I am not sure.
I think for some wallets, you can expect to pay roughly $500-$1200 more in Canada - depending on whether or not it's an exotic skin (lizard and ostrich). For croc, for example, a three panel bearn is $10,000. Yes, $10,000. Non exotic birkins appear to have a +$500 difference in Canada. A Silky Pop in the US is $960 and $1200 in Canada. And yes, the dollars are still roughly even.