Shopping at ebay

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  1. I don't prefer ebay for shopping, its risky to buy from it.
    refurbished cell phones are sold in lieu of new one without any such description.
  2. I am a loyal eBay shopper. Never sold anything on it, but have had many successes.
  3. I'm a shopper and a seller, it's risky for both (and sometimes specially for the seller since eBay sides with them). It's either a hit or miss, always read the entire description.
  4. I've been buying and occasionally selling on eBay for almost 18 years and I can count the number of bad transactions I've had on the fingers of one hand. Do your due diligence, use common sense, follow the steps outlined here to protect yourself, and you can make using eBay a positive experience. I live in a rural l area of the deep south where shopping options are very limited so eBay and Amazon are lifesavers for me!
  5. I've been buying and selling on ebay for many years with very few problems.
  6. Same here.
  7. I have been on eBay since 2006 and had one real issue that i need to file a dispute and I got a refund as the buyer. That's it.

    As a seller, I did have a buyer fished for a partial but when I said i would refund if they post the item back they then magically disappeared. One buyer dinged my star because I wouldn't agree with her to go off ebay and she had to buy from eBay listing for original price.
  8. I've been buying and selling on EBay since 1999. I quit selling several years ago because I was selling high $$ designer items and feared eventually my number would come up for a charge back or scam from a buyer. I was incredibly lucky to get out before the tables turned so badly against sellers. As a buyer I have never lost money since I always use PayPal and a credit card. I have had a few SNAD items that I have returned, but never an issue that required a charge back. I feel confident buying on EBay, as long as I'm protected by my credit card.
  9. Product knowledge is one of the keys to buying successfully on ebay these days. Have done
    nicely & have been pleased with many purchases, but would not purchase anything
    wihout the back up of a credit card & have learned to ask questions to insure possible
    misrepresention of an item especially concerning condition as it is so subjective to many
    buying & selling.
  10. Ohh... That's good.
  11. I've been an ebay buyer and seller for about ten years. As a buyer I've had three bad purchases, one being completely my fault when I was a newbie and not very knowledgable about what to look for before bidding. As a seller I've had 2-3 non payers. Overall though I still like to buy certain items there if it's cheaper than Amazon. If the description is lacking and/or there are not enough pictures I always ask question and request specific photo's of the item. If the seller isn't responsive, I pass.
  12. I used to like them, but they charge too much commission from the sellers. I don’t think selling a $3000 bag will cost ebay 100 times more IT resources or customer service hours than selling a $30 item. Essentially, sellers of designer items are subsidizing sellers of low-priced items so that everyone will have the same access to IT resources and customer service support.