Shopping at different hermes stores

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Mar 4, 2014
For members that shop at different hermes stores, do you know if SAs in New York are ok with you shopping at other stores? My friend who shops at Vegas said SA's will know if you shopped elsewhere and they don't like that you "cheat" so they have to buy from them only. I went to Madison store and I met a new sa and she told me she will help me get a birkin if I shop there but I need to let my sa know. Has anybody heard that before?
Feb 26, 2010
At Madison, they are split into different departments so if I'm assuming correctly, it doesn't really matter where you shop. I think this matters more for smaller stores where the SAs can cross departments. My DH saw something that he loved in Vegas but he wanted to wait to get it in NYC so that we wouldn't "cheat" on our SA, only to realize that he had to buy it from the men's store anyway.
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