Shopping at Caesars Mall in Atlantic City?

  1. Anyone been to the mall connected to Caesars Hotel in Atlantic City? Are there good places to eat with kids--would children like it there. Not babies but ages 9-12? I see they have some great stores. Just wanted to see what others thought.
  2. LOTS of great places to eatthere...all r fine for kids too...I take my 11 yr old there all the time.there is a great seafood place,a pub like place and a sports bar place that r all good.
    Shopping is really good.I especially like the LV,GUCCI, and BCBG store there!
  3. They have a fabulous candy store that your kids are going to love called Sugar (LOL, of course!). They let kids design their own candy bars, my little cousins adored that. The entire 3rd floor of the mall is restaurants-quite a few by restauranteur Stephen Star like Buddhakan and Continental. If your kids aren't picky eaters, and you don't mind shelling out the cash, those places are incredible. There's also an Irish pub and an NBA themed sports bar/restaurant. Right outside the mall is a Rainforest Cafe, which is of course very family friendly.

    Here's a listing of the menus for the mall: to see if anything works for you.

    Hope the fam has fun!