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  1. So I decided to order from a random clearance site

    I don’t usually do this, I am quite risk averse for shopping, but it seemed like the way to go.

    I was looking for an Akris Anouk bag - the day bag size. The local department stores only had the small one in black. I was thinking of looking at that one but it doesn’t have a leather lining. And that is high on my list. The larger size has a leather lining.

    Their website only had python in black - which I may have wanted to splurge on but python is illegal to ship to my state. And the only plain leather one was a shade called denim.

    I was planning to wait out to see if maybe it would launch in black at a later date. But as I was googling, the black one came up on this random site. It was also really really discounted and labeled new. There was an authentic looking tag in the images.

    I am unfamiliar with this brand so I do not know the hallmarks of authenticating.

    I decided to take the risk. Hopefully it is the right bag. My order shipped and is due in a couple of days. The price was 75% off so I assume it is a prior season.

    The site has 30 day return policy so it seems safe enough.

    Has anyone ordered from this site? It seems like they sell a lot of phones and the reviews for that are mixed.

    I think my bag was so cheap as they do not get much overstock whatever of accessories.
  2. Update- I got my bag today. I opened it and did a quick look - it looks real. Just an older season. Will do a better inspection when I get home.