Shopping at BalNY on Wed

  1. I'm headed to New York City on Wednesday this week for a conference. Wednesday afternoon I'll be shopping for my first BBag at BalNY and/or Barney's Manhattan. Anyone want to meet me there and act as unpaid style advisor?

    I'm still deciding between the City and the Step, so you can help me with my choice.

    Is there a secret handshake or winks and nods that tPF-ers use to identify themselves to others?

    Thanks, Lerinda
  2. oh it sounds like so much fun! Wish I could be there to meet u for ur first bbag purchase! Anyhow have an amazing time and hope a tPfer or two can assist u on ur decision...if not, I'm sure the SA's there can give u some feedback on your choices!
  3. AWE...that would be so fun to act like your stylist! That would be my dream job! Have fun and take your time picking out your very first BBag! Make sure and posts pics SOON! What are you thinking about getting?
  4. I am leaning towards the Step, as opposed to the City. I see the Step as having a more "modern" shape, whereas the City is more classic. In terms of color, I have never been a black bag gal. I actually own several red bags. But with the Step, the design is so striking, I'm not sure I need the addition of color to make the bag really "pop." Thinking actually of a light neutral.

  5. Have fun! I love the step style! I think BalNY has it in jaune, black, and pine. I can't wait to hear what you get today!
  6. Have fun, I wish I could have been there to help you but I am a left coaster.
  7. Let us know what you come out with!
  8. ohhhhhh i would like to be there... but at the moment is too far from here :smile:
    I have to wait to see pics of your very first Bbag!
    Step Style in what colour?
  9. So what did ya get?? I think I'm going to go on Friday, if anyone wants to meet there....I've never been either and could use some help!
  10. hehe i'm thinking about going on saturday to check out the jaune step.. :smile: i'll be there with my violet city (probably) sooo come say hi if you see me? ;)