Shopping at Active Endeavors...

  1. I'd read a few older posts and in general, it seemed Active was a trustworthy site to purchase designer handbags. Earlier this week, I went online to check it out and was delighted to find the Gryson Ada bag on sale for 50% off! I'd been looking for this bag, so I decided to buy it finally. came today. Fast shipping, that's one good thing I have to say about Active Endeavors.

    Unfortunately, the bag was not well-packaged. It was stuffed with crumpled paper, then wrapped in brown paper, but that was it. Not much to protect it in case the box got smushed (it did) or bent. Luckily the purse is ok, though I must say it sort of has the "clearance" look to it (which truthfully, it was a clearance item).

    All in all, though I won't rule out this site due to their good prices and fast fast shipping, I wouldn't give it an exceptional rating- more like a B or C+. Anyone have better experiences from ordering from here?
  2. I only ordered clothing from there before and it was ok. I love Revolve though. Good luck with your new bag!
  3. I've always had great success from AE and I've ordered bags from them several times. I'm sorry your experience was less than happy!

    I also love Revolve..they totally rock!
  4. Sorry about your experience! I ordered my Botkeir Sasha Duffle from them, and I was really impressed with the packaging of my purse and the fast delivery. Maybe it was an "off" day for them :shrugs:
  5. I also had a great experience with AE. Butterscotch AC mini city arrived in great shape and quickly.
  6. I find they are very fast with shipping but EXTREMELY slow with refunds.
  7. I've had two different orders canceled after they were already confirmed. I say boo to them.
  8. The same has happened to me!
    I got through 2 orders but then an hour or so later they would tell me that the items are out of stock.. I wonder if it is because I used a discount code or something...
  9. One time I used a discount code, the other time, the item I bought was on sale. Suspicious!

    I might have to send them a strongly worded letter the next time it happens. If I ever try ordering from them again.
  10. I always use a discount code when ordered from them and I've not had any issues with them canceling. I know it's frustrating to say the least though. I've had the same thing happen to me with Dillards and NM. :tdown:
  11. Hehe, they won't refund me after received the package for 13 days, had to ask for the money.