Shopping advice - visiting CA and LV

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  1. #1 Feb 5, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2010
    I thought where better to ask but you girls for CL shopping strategies? :sos:

    Q1. I keep seeing all the great deals and steals but realistically what are my chances of stumbling across a bargain? (I think I'll most likely get to shop in Las Vegas and San Francisco). Are my best chances for a bargain actually on ebay? I just live in hope that my holiday highlight will be finding a CL bargain :woohoo: or will it be like this :tumbleweed: ?

    Q2. Is it best to buy in LV to avoid sales tax?

    Q3. I'm 99.9% sure that I have to buy a pair of black patent hyper prives. These do not go on sale right? Are there any strategies to get a discount?

    Q4. Will there be any sales in March or April? :sweatdrop:

    TIA :smile:
  2. Re question #1 - I can't speak for Cali, but when I was in LV there were very few deals. I was there the week before the winter sale and I asked the lady at the shoe dept at Nieman's if they could pre-sale something for me and she looked at me like I was nuts! "We don't pre-sale here" is all she said. So I would say your chances are slim....sorry

    Re question #2 - Sorry, don't know about sales tax laws in Vegas.

    Re question #3 - The only way I know of to get a discount at Saks on something that is not on sale is to open a Saks card that day (10% off your first purchase).

    Re question #4 - The next sale season starts in May

    Have fun shopping!!!!! :smile:
  3. Thanks Nico - I was getting worried no one wanted to help me spend my money :P I appreciate your assessment of the potential for bargains. I was already thinking there might be slim pickings but I'll at least finally get to try my size in different styles :cool:.
  4. Hi Woody,

    I am 99% sure that there is sales tax in LV, it is just less then here in Cali.

    I always think it's more fun to shop in LV, but then again I live in Cali so it's a little different for you :biggrin: have fun shopping!!!!
  5. Thanks DBL - yep I think all shopping in the States will be fun for me :woohoo: My husband really can't understand why I am so excited to go shopping in the States! :confused1: I think he is definitely worried :yes:
  6. I totally understand - I'm in Canada, and I'm so pumped for my trip next week I just don't know what my Bf is going to do while I shop...

  7. I hope you have a great time and find some steals :ghi5:. Please pass on any tips when you get back...I'm so jealous, but I don't have too much longer too wait.

    There must be loads of males wandering around the great US shopping malls whilst their partners are gleefully running from one store to the next :yes:
  8. I actually went to the sites of the outlet malls that I'm going to and signed up for their emails and some of them if you become a member have coupon books. I also got on the Neiman Marcus Last Call email list in hopes of some coupons being sent my way. Those are really my only tips!
  9. There must be loads of males wandering around the great US shopping malls whilst their partners are gleefully running from one store to the next :yes:[/QUOTE]

    or you can find them all sitting on the comfy couches that have been set up like mini living rooms all over the mall. They can always take a nap there lol
  10. Here are my answers. Hope they help some...

    1) It depends on when you're going, but sales are usually from May-July and November-January. Exceptions are the Barneys warehouse sale, which is going on right now, and the outlet stores, which have a few pairs of CLs at reduced prices all year long. If you don't want to do outlet shopping or attend the warehouse sale, the closest you'll get are the special promotions at the major department stores, like Neiman Marcus or Saks. These promos don't usually involve actual discounts, but you might get gift cards with purchases.

    2) I believe you'll get charged sales tax in both SF and LV if you buy in store.

    3) I don't belive the black HPs will ever go on sale. The only strategy I can think of to get a discount is to apply for the store credit card, assuming you don't already have one. You might have to do this in store, however, and they may not allow people who live outside the US to apply.

    4) See my answer to question 1.

    Good luck and have fun!
  11. or you can find them all sitting on the comfy couches that have been set up like mini living rooms all over the mall. They can always take a nap there lol[/QUOTE]

    The men should start a 'Loubies Widows' or 'Loubies Lost Wives' club :P
  12. Thanks pr1nc355. I was so hoping to join the SF get together but we won't be there until a few weeks after.

    So nothing much happens sales wise for Easter?

    I loved the black patent hyper prives but I have started wondering about other options cause I prefer to wear hose/stockings but even with a non-reinforced toe I think they would look better without hose....

    Maybe I need to try the height of the biancas? I'm way to afraid of pigalles. I might try some rolandos...but I never thought I had wide feet until I tried some CL's on!
  13. if you shop at Neiman Marcus in SF and you do not pay tax if you ship your purchases, as long as the destination address is not a state in which there is a physical Neiman Marcus or subsidiary's store.

    one advantage of shopping in Vegas is that you can get python, which is not permitted to be sold in california stores, le sigh!~

    not too many sales around easter i'm afraid, at least not in SF . . . that's sort of right in the thick of the full-price spring selling period . . . however, you may want to try stopping by jeremy's in SF if you have a chance, as they sell heavily discounted items year round . . . the selection is highly variable, so there is a chance you won't find anything, but that would probably be your best hope for any kind of spectacular deal, KWIM?
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