shoppers in CANADA!!

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  1. Hello Everyone who is from Canada!
    We all know that US is having the CHANEL Pre-SALE
    ANyone who lives in Canada do you know when will the pre-sale be and what kinda of bags will be on Sale!
    This forum is created to benefit Chanel Shoppers in Canada! So please post price, pix, and location ...Thanks~~~!!
  2. Hi - not sure what kind of info you're looking for...buuut:

    I spoke with Carol a couple days ago - the baby animals stuff is supposed to be 30% off for the June sale. She's on Bloor in T.O. She said any "seasonal" bags will be 30% off...

    As far as a pre-sale? I guess that's for high-rollers and I am def. not one of those! (Lol) Umm, yet? I am calling her again on Monday to see if my bag du choix is available on sale early.

    I forget - are you in T.O. or Van?
  3. i'm in van~~ i dont like any baby animal stuff...but i would like to see some accessories on sale...such as wallet...etc...but I spoke with my SA today she said I cant reserve it...its first come first serve
  4. i just call the Chanel boutique and Chanel at Holt's Toronto and they said the sale starts on June 7 and runs until June 23 (boutique) and June 24 (Holts)

    the SA said she doesn't think any wallets will be on sale.