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  1. :confused1: Hi,
    I am looking to buy a tote bag, but not a really large size one. I am thinking about the cabas or, vavin or bablylone. Any ideas or advice on which one to buy. need to be sure I choose the correct one as they are so expensive!!!
  2. Your best bet is to try each one at the store, to see which one is best suited for you. For a shopping bag, babylone or the Cabas Mezzo would be great imo.
  3. vavin is not really my type of bag...i don't think it's meant to be a shopping bag cuz it's so structured and stiff looking....

    i don't know much about babylone

    but i'd say cabas is a great choice and it looks fabulous!! get cabas mezzo cuz piano tends to be too small :smile:
  4. I have the Babylone - it's a great bag - holds lots - fits nice on the shoulder. I have the older style with the cowhide lining and it's a little heavy. The newer ones are really nice.
  5. I love the cabas piano! if that's too small, the cabas mezzo would be good too!

    i love all the cabas mono styles, period, haha
  6. Take a trip into Lv and try them on, its your best way to know if the bag will work for you.
    If that isnt an option, Elux has a great return policy.
  7. I would say being a piano owner i'd go for the mezzo. A lot more room. Now that all depends on what you plan on carrying as well.
    The mezzo, saleya mm is nice as well, the lockit H or BH would be great.
  8. hi there. i have the piano and mezzo, and the mezzo is great for shopping. you can fit alot into it, it's flexible, and it has a zipper. i have heard concerns for the vachetta bottom, but i haven't had a problem and i've had mine for two years now. as other members suggested, the best way is to go to the boutique and try them on. good luck!
  9. thanks, There is not a lot of difference between the piano and the mezzo
  10. really? i feel like they are very different. style wise, the same, but size wise...12x10 vs 13x19! big difference to me :yes:
  11. I am a novice with LV bags, I usually buy Fendi. I think I will go for the cabas!!!
  12. Have been looking at some of the pics on the forum, The one I like is the one Angelina Jolie carrries, does anyone know which one that is?
  13. angelina has the piano and the mezzo. more recent pics show her with the mezzo (larger). it really is a great bag! :yes:
  14. thanks, I thought it was the piano!
  15. i have five small children and i use my mezzo for everything. i have diapers, wipes, bag of markers, paper, small balenciaga clutch, long balenciaga wallet, cell phone, mono wapity...with lots of room to spare for sweaters and other stuff.