Shopper vs Purse???

  1. Hello all!

    I understand that the Shopper was made in s/s & f/w 2004 only & the Purse was made from f/w 2005 - f/w 2006 only.....

    Is anyone lucky enough to own both? I know they are VERY similar, but I would like to see photos of the 2 laying flat next to each other & measurements to verify!

    Also...for some visual fun...Post pics of your Purse & Shopper! :yes:

  2. Anyone?
    Sorry to bother anyone....I was just curious & was debating a purchase of a Rouge Vif Purse!
    Thanks again!
  3. Hi, Carina. I think back in '04 they called the curvy, flat bottom bag with longer double handles "shopper" and then later on they designed another bag with an open top and called that one "shopping" so the previous one became the "purse". Here's a great web site of the different styles: atelier.naff: Balenciaga motorcycle style reference
  4. well, I'm not lucky enough to own both :sad: , but I tried on both in the boutique, and I must say that I was really torn between the 2! The Shopper is way bigger than the Purse, and personally I think it hangs better on the shoulder, well, on mine at least. I also like its size better. However, what stopped me from getting the Shopper was that it was an open bag, no zip, and that's when the Purse stepped in. ... anyway, in the end I decided that if the Shopper had a zip, I'd grab it immediately but alas.... :crybaby:
  5. peppy, you tried on the shopping, not the shopper, which was the purse before it got discontinued the first time in s/s05!
    LOL, reading this i feel like i'm describing a balenciaga soap opera- and then the first cheated on the work with the weekender etc!
  6. oops! sorry, it's 2am where I am now :sleepy: