Shopper vs. Boogie? Anyone have (or seen IRL) both?

Watson's Mom

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May 5, 2008
With all these discount coupons abounding, I am having a hard time not using one to snag something !! I have several Boogies, but find myself :rolleyes: eyeballing the Shopper.

If you have both (or have seen both in a store somewhere) could you give me your thoughts? They look quite similar in size and shape, and I know they are both crunch leather. One of the differences is the snap closure vs. the toggle thing, which I have read about here and I think I'd be OK with it. But how about the strap drop? And does the strap stay on your shoulder like a Boogie strap does? Anything else to mention?? TIA!


Sep 9, 2008
I think if you already have several boogies why not try the shopper. I personally like the toggle detail and have tried both of the bags on at Bag. Anthropologie also sells the shopper but sizing may be slightly smaller than the dimensions on other sites. The toggle was easy for me to get in and out of the bag. Straps were also long enough in my opinion. I didn't purchase one bc I'm looking for a small-med bag. Maybe consider the Round Two bag (also due out for Fall 2). Good luck!


Sep 3, 2007
I have all three, 2 Boogies, 1 Anthro Shopper and 1 regular Shopper. I love my Boogies and my Anthro Shopper but the regular Shopper I find a little long and harder to access. But that's just me. I really like the strap better on the Shoppers. It's more comfortable on my shoulder. Good luck deciding!