Shopper tote or flap bag for 1st Chanel?

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  1. I am a young girl and somehow always manage to fill up my purses! Chanel is a pretty steep investment so would it be more practical for me to get a shopper tote over a flap bag? Which would hold up better? I don't wanna buy a Chanel baby for her to never see the light of day so i do plan to wear often. Input please! i am such a newbie!
  2. I must add that I live in the Seattle area so rain is a factor even though i think i do a fine job of covering up my bags when it sneaks up on me
  3. PST, GST, and flaps are all classic. It depends how much fund you have, but if you carry a lot, I'd say opt for the GST or the classic flaps in large/jumbo. Go w/ caviar leather w/ SHW. Good luck w/ your decision.
  4. I got my first Chanel bag a few years ago, and my son is probably older than you! So, I waited a long time to get one. It was a medium black caviar flap. It was a natural first choice, but kind of useless because it is very small. My next purchase, which was a few years later, a GST in bordeaux. That is my workhorse bag. I probably use it more than the other bags (my Chanel stable has increased manyfold). Though the flap is a natural first choice, you may do better with a GST.
  5. I think you should go with the GST. If you are the type that over fills your bag then I'm guessing that the flap will be too small for you for daily use. I have a PST & reissue (227 size) and love them, but would like to add a GST to my collection because it will hold more & there are times when I could use the extra space.

    Do you have someplace where you can try them on? Good luck!
  6. I would buy the PST or GST over the flap as it holds more and is a great everyday bag. Another on to consider may be a Medallion tote...classic and holds a lot. i love the flaps bags but don't use mine as much as my totes for daytime.
  7. PST lover here, I say, go for the PST or GST. I'm 5'3 and I think the PST is perfect, but its small size is usually what influences others to get a GST. I agree with chanel&More, you could also look at a Medallion tote which zips across the top. Flaps are so iconic, but for me, not as proctical.
  8. perhaps maybe going and trying out all the sizes.
    the flap is such an awesome bag for a first bag. it you want a first bag that can be very practical and versatile and can fit quite a about the jumbo flap? i think it will be perfect for you. but you have to love and feel perfect with it.
    you should consider going to a local boutique and just have fun playing with the different sizes and styles. do not be afraid to ask if you can put your things in it to see how much you can fit...then look into the mirror and ......the one thats for you will surely captivate your heart.

    i wish you the best of luck in selecting the bag that is right for you.
  9. i'd also go with a PST or GST. i'm 19 and i definitely use my tote a lot for all my daytime running around. in fact, i haven't even used the flap bag i bought for day because i can't fit much into it. the tote was a much better investment for me.
  10. I'd go with a cerf tote or jumbo flap!
  11. Another vote for the jumbo flap!