Shopper/Tote...Am I the Only One???

  1. This was the first b-bag that I bought, and I love it!!! Does anyone else have one....I would love to see more, and know what colors they came in!!

  2. I'm surprised this doesn't get more attention on here, since it's kind of a more masculine style of the Purse, which has many fans. I always thought it was kind of a cool shape... I'd miss the zipper tassels though!
  3. I don't have one...I've considered it..there is one on in truffle ... anne yours looks :p yummy!
  4. I've always loved the shopper tote. I just havent gotten around to actually buying one yet. I love good tote style bags.

  5. Thank you!! before I got this bag...I had no love for Bbags...and now I have some sort of serious problem! I have since bought a Day (black), and a First (metallic red). But by far...the Shopping is the best bag that I have ever owned! I am hankering for another...but don't know what colors they came in....
  6. Well, anne, do you think that this photo would help?


    I know that the Shopping came in Black, Truffly, Origan, etc., in addition to the ones on the pic... I was sent this photo by Kim of BalNY back in February.
  7. OOHHH.... I didn't KNOW about this bag option!??!!

    Could someone enlighten me on the size? and can you use it on your shoulder or is it ONLY a tote? I've been searching for a "Purse" style and not finding one... wondering if this is possibly another good/similar option???:confused1:
  8. It is a shoulder bag...and probably the most comfortable bag that I have ever owned!
    It is very deep, so the no zip thing is not a problem, and to me is actually a its easy access!!!!
  9. Here is my rouge theatre shopping bag. Purchased from Bal NY. [​IMG]

    I don't think I have a photo of it by itself.

    Monsoon - I love the photo that you posted:roflmfao::roflmfao: Someone asks for something, and you really provide the photos!
  10. The last production of the SHOPPING was Fall Winter2006.

    Don't confuse it with the SHOPPER which is also known as THE PURSE.

    I know it's confusing but the style you own is the SHOPPING....which I completely love!:heart::tup::yahoo:
  11. I have a shopping in black and I love it. I use it either as a tote or put the handles over my shoulder. I used this bag to travel with my family once and it was the only time my DH commented how stylish and functional the bag was. For a DH who does not notice any of my bags, this really means a lot.
  12. wow! i didn't even know this style existed! thanks for posting this they're lovely!!
  13. This seems to be the day to learn about Balenciaga bags I've never seen!

    LOVELYGARMENTS: WHAT is that brown bag next to your shopper... I Love all the slanted zippers!!???:drool:wantwantwant!
  14. anne : Gorgeous's a discontinued style now but i think it's not so popular as the rest of the other styles perhaps. It's a keeper for sure!