Shopper for Guys?


Shopper or Weekender?

  1. Weekender

  2. Shopper

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  1. So I am torn -- I am trying to decide if I want the Weekender still or if the Shopper may be a better fit. However, I am curious to know if the Shopper may be too feminine.

  2. I'm actually also considering between the SHOPPING style and Weekender.

    The SHOPPING is just like the work in shape (maybe a bit smaller) I think this works better with shorter guys (since I'm only 5'7) and I feel like the Weekender overwhelms me but I'm just gonna go for it anyway ( I think).

    Oh I voted for the Weekender...since you've been wanting one for the longest time :smile:

    More Shopping...

  3. I prefer weekender for men. Shopper is too girly.
  4. The weekender all the way, the shopper is a tad too feminine.
  5. I definitely go for a WE....btw, i'm a female...but personally i think WE looks gd on guys........Also, i'm into WE lately:wlae:
  6. Neigh to the Shopper for guys. Weekender all the way.
  7. weekender gets my vote! :yes:
  8. Welcome back C!!!! :happydance: WE gets my vote!!
  9. I think the WE is too big for everyday schlepping, so I chose Shopper.
  10. i prefer the weekender on a guy...but i personally don't like the shopper so my answers kind of biased.
  11. Definitely a weekender from my point of view. The Shopping's tad femme, I think. Besides, I'm thinking that one can put a heck of a lot more into a WE... I own neither bag, so this is purely conjecture. :smile:
  12. Clake76 where have you been? We missed you!
    For both you and Incoralblue I am voting Weekender. The curve of the Shopping makes it feminine in my opinion, but the Weekender just looks awesome on both men and women.
  13. I voted for the WE. What colors are you interested in? Have you seen Anthracite in's gorgeous and the leather is TDF!
  14. I voted for the weekender, that would look good on you.
  15. Weekender! Welcome Back!!