shopOshun in CA

  1. They have transporto in. Lots of Gioco, BV, and Zucca.
    I couldnt resist and purchased the transporto in trenino. its so cute, I am going to use it for school now. Its going to temporary replace my foresta campeggio.
    If you guys are looking for tokidoki posters, they have it too!!

    And the owner was very nice and showed me the upcoming clothes they will be receiving. I can not believe what I saw...adio/ciao pull over, ciao baby doll top, short sleeved jacket with adio/ciao , they were just amazing. They are scheduled to arrive in the middle of Decemeber. Yippie!!!

    Also the owner has told me that she ordered a lot of Vacanze in whatever styles they have left.
    For those of you who dont know yet, ShopOshun has moved to San Marino.

    In older prints, they have pirata bocce, bambino spiaggia, porte in paradiso, tutti zucca,tutti bv, tutti avventura, spiggia bv.
  2. The adios and ciao ciao clothing sounds really good! :drool: Hopefully I can get some stuff online.
  3. The babydoll top sounds cuuuuuuuuute!! Finally something that's not a regular shirt or tank!!