shoposhun in Arcadia, CA

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  1. Hey guys:
    I was there today and they have some inferno prints left. Caramella, bambino, port. etc
    There's citta caramella, paradiso bambino,denaro, some pirata and amore. I was really looking for the amore luna, but unfortunately they didnt have it.

    I was told that they will be getting in another shipment on the shirts. I dont know if you guys know what the upcoming prints of shirt are, but we got some really cute shirts coming this July. I saw the sample pictures they order from, they have the latte and mozarella fleece, pirata shirts, adios shirts, ciaociao shirts,
    I was told to preorder the shirts if i want them, so I did.

    Oh, the lady there was nice enough to give me 20% off the older prints of the tokidoki bags, so if you are looking, let them know. I know she hides a lot of inferno bags in the stock room, cuz I saw some. lolz!!

    p.s. I also stopped by Macys there, they got in another shipment. I saw spiggia zucca,bagpack, pirata luna, not too much of l'amore left, but i saw BV,stellina, and canguro. hope this helps~~
  2. any inferno denaros?
  3. could u describe the newer clothing coming out?! i'm excited!

  4. I didnt see inferno denaros, i did see paradiso denaros. you will have to call and ask them to check the stockroom, cuz i saw inferno prints back there, but couldnt tell from far away what style it was.

  5. okay! thank you for your info!

  6. There's pirata girl on motorcycle, adios/ciao shirt (same as the one that sold out pretty quickly,except the shirt is different color), devil girl, latte/mozarella fleece(short and long, with pockets, and got bullets in the back of the fleece) , there were soooo many, i dont think i could remember, i do know that they do not reprint, so once its sold out, its gone. The store can not reorder once the print is sold out. so, i guess it makes sense to preorder. The lady there is really nice, maybe you could ask her to upload those upcoming pictures of the shirts, so we could all preorder.
  7. dang fleece in the summer?! hahaha
  8. kokebon: do you remember what was on the citta caramella? i would maybe want that for 20% off.
  9. The citta caramella has really really good placement. The mozarella , yellow catus, adio star, i didnt think caramella was that big until i saw one in real person. lolz.
  10. Was anything at Macy's on sale?
  11. Where in Arcadia is this store. I live in Glendale and I will be coming down for the 4th of July. Im in SF right now.
  12. I needa drag my bf up there one of these days lol... maybe when the new stock gets in since I can't make it up there often if ever but thanks for posting!!
  13. no, nothing was on sale. but they did restock and got lots of spiggia zucca in.

  14. 1 w duarte, arcadia

    you can visit their website too.
  15. Kokebon - Thanks for posting this!! Were there any Inferno Dolces left?? I really would like to get one (at 20% off) for my cousin.. That would be awesome if they had! :nuts:TIA!!