Shopmom's day in San Fran....& Hermes!

  1. No I did NOT come home with anything THIS time....but I did enough damage anyway....:yes:

    Let me back up a little.... I'm sick. Have been sick with some kind of hacking cough and slight congestion for a few days. And, today I woke up and said to myself, "I'm fed up with shuffling around this house in my fuzzy Lucy slippers and bad pajamas. I need to spruce myself up and take Mizz Kelly out somewhere!" So, off we went to our favorite shopping store.....where Mizz Kelly always gets a nod of acknowledgement and I get to see stuff hidden away in the basement.

    And, actually it was a good thing I went (I think) because the minute I walked into the store, Jose pulled me aside and whispered "I've been holding something for you for days....I lost your phone number....ssshhhhhh follow me." or something to that effect. The time he spent rummaging around for whatever he was holding for me, I spent making sure I looked at all the bags on display for a concise report to you guys later on.

    Anyway out comes a gorgeous orange box and with great fanfare he pulls out a 32cm Black Evergrain (or Evercalf) Kelly with silver hw that was pretty dang gorgeous. Of course I drooled, took it all over the store, oood and aaaad over it and then said, "Ya got anything else? Something, oh say, in 28cm?" and away he went again. Back with another orange box and with more fanfare out comes a 28cm Black Box Kelly with brushed gold hw in rigid construction which a day or so ago I would have fallen all over myself and sold my teen to the devil for. But not now. Not when I've decided that I should have a 28cm Kelly in a color. So, back he went for a little "something else"...."wait 'til you see this one....." he says.

    And sure enough, he comes back with yet another orange box and with even greater fanfare than before (because this was his peice de resistance, after all) out comes the most gorgeous bag I have really ever seen in my life! When I saw that bag, it was beyond love at first was.....I don't even KNOW what it was. But the bag is a 28cm Caramel Sellier (yes...another one....must be my Hermes karma) of Coromadel (?) leather with white stitching and it is a beauty. I couldn't even SEE anything else. I was gone, gone, gone.

    It was then that I said, "Hold it for me, Jose. I've gotta catch my breath. I've gotta go home and get the checkbook" because I purposefully left the checkbook AND all the credit cards at be I wouldn't buy anything.

    And on top of all that, I got the extra thrill of catching a glimpse of Mr. CEO himself who was there visiting from the New York check up on how things are going in the San Fran boutique. Very, very cute by the way. Good dresser.

    So that's the whole story, gals. I've got a 28cm Caramel Kelly with white stitching in some leather I can't spell OR pronounce on hold for me while I decide what to do.....

    What should I do?????

    :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:
  2. GET IT OF COURSE!!!! You know you'll regret it if you don't!
  3. PLEASE don't let it go!!! Of course NOT!!! Go back, hurry up, please!!!
  4. GO GET THAT KELLY!!!! OMG! Hurry! Post pics!
  5. Shopmom, that is CHEVRE de Coromandel - the best Chevre! Buy it or I will cyber-whack you!!!:noggin: :noggin:
  6. It's there safely on hold for looked really nice sitting next to dear Mizz Kelly. I'm a basket-case.......I don't even have Black Box Bolide and Madame Kelly yet!!!!!! I mean, I WOULD have had BB Bolide last week if the seller wouldn't have held my Cashier Check for 10-days waiting for it to "clear the bank"....have you ever heard of such nonsense in your life? So technically all that hasn't hit my doorstep is Madame Kelly and so......
  7. JAG - how cute is your avatar!!!!
  8. crack me up!!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    No wonder it was more expensive than the other ones....that and it's a Sellier I guess, huh?

  9. Have you left home to go to Hermes yet? If not, please drop everything whatever you are doing now, and head to Hermes!!!:yes: :yes: :yes:
  10. Wait a minute, you saw Robert Chavez?
  11. Shop-silly-girl, why are you still here??? Do you know how rare and fabulous and totally amazing this leather is? :love: :love: :love: Go, go, go!!!!
  12. lololol!!!! Yes get it - that's the feeling you're supposed to get - the most beautiful bag in the world!!! Oh my gosh I can't wait to see it!! And yes, I have heard of holding the stupid check because as I said, that is what they do there....annoying isn't it?!! So technically this will be your 2d, and of course, mostly likely you'll get home and find ms. bolide AND ms canvas kelly there all in one day lol!!!!! Sounds divine - can't wait!!
  13. Looks like she did - I missed this before because I got all caught up in Caramel Chevre!
  14. Thanks GT!:biggrin:
  15. Oh! Oh Oh! That is one tough questions that only you would be able to answer, shopmom!!:upsidedown: :angel: :biggrin: I thought you wanted a 28 cm box?:yes: