SHOPMOM - SOS - Caramel question!


Aug 30, 2006
GF - I don't have a store near me....I stumbled "LITERALLY" at my first REAL experience at the boutique. I had a wonderful SA and a GRAND time there. Patz actually saw this bag at her boutique....don't know if she ever touched it. I got LUCKY my first time. :love: Totally fell HARD!! DH fell with me! and this is what started this addiction!!:heart:
this is the same HAC NHL got from our store - shot with a different lighting. i loved it except that i already have a gold birkin 30 that i have to pass this up. but the color is soo yummy, and in chevre no less :


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May 29, 2006
^GT, youknow what Dh just said...he reckons I should get the gold Birkin for Christmas (he's on a high since being a hero about the birthday thing - LOL!) and So a caramel Kelly just like Shopmoms (he LOVES it!) since I wanted a chevre 28 Kelly, but instead of vert anis, order caramel instead......

....I'm thinking about it.......LOL!

SO spoiled this year - I think it's because I popped out a child......


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Apr 8, 2006
....YEAH, BABY!!!!!! TWINS!!!!! On two different continents!!!!! And get it with the GOLD hw, K 'cause it just GLOWS!!!!!


Jul 6, 2006
Hi GF - (shopmom...) Here are my pics....Sorry, it is freezing here today, and my typical Mommy clothes is JUICY! I don't do Hermes justice lately:sad: . Tried to capture my HAC Chevre with Pal HW in different lighting. Look at my shoes, Donald Pliners in amazingly matching color with the White stitching:smile:

This is the big sis to Shopmom's Princess, except I have the Pal. HW.

Oooh, I have the same bag in a size 28 :P
Mine is a coromandel !! :yahoo: :yahoo: