SHOPMOM - SOS - Caramel question!

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  1. D - Is the pic you posted in the Members Reference of Princess a true representation of caramel chevre?
  2. K......that color is really, really hard to capture in a pic. Let me see what else I have to post..... are four different pics each in diff. light.
    Caramel&me.jpg Caramel1.jpg _MG_2697.jpg princess1.jpg
  3. looking good D!!! I love the color!
  4. But see how it changes? (Thank you, E!)
  5. It appears to be 4 different colors
  6. Exactly! This bag goes from Caramel almost to mustard in the sunlight. It's really a beautiful color IRL that just doesn't show well in pics IMO.
  7. GF - Sorry to BUTT in...I have an HAC in caramel...and LOVE IT!! As per Shopmom, it is hard to capture the true color in pictures....I fell in love :love: this color with white stitching, over a black togo 35cm Birkin w/gold hardware???:confused1: (I couldn't believe it!) If you need pictures...I will try to get my LAZY b*tt off this stool to take some for you in different lighting? Just let me know...Computer challenged here!:shrugs:
  8. Just gotta say that the picture with the scarf tied to the Kelly just about took my breath away. Gorgeous!
  9. ME TOO, NHL!!!!!!! I was called to see a black Box fact TWO. One retourne with Pall/HW and one sellier with gold but fell madly in LOVE with the Caramel and went home with her instead!

    Pics, please, NHL......please? I try hard to capture the true color of this in Chevre but it is a real challenge!!!!!
  10. Oh, and one more thing....(can't tell I'm all excited to have someone interested in Caramel can you!?!?!!?) the Gold hardware against the caramel Chevre is absolutley stunning! Very richly gold, if you KWIM.
  11. shopmom, I seriously think you have the best chevre Kelly with gold hardware in the house! Gorgeous! :P :love:
  12. :love: Princess!!! Love that bag D! Something about taking a picture of the color doesn't capture the richness of her...I mean she's beautiful but in person...Stunning!!! :yes:
  13. Thank you, know why it was love at first sight!!!! :love:
  14. Beautiful bag!! The color is delicious! Caramel MMmMmmMM!!! YUM!!:drool: :drool:
  15. D, your caramel is so delish! i want to take a bite off that bag!