Shopmom, oiy!!! Did you get it??

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  1. So, don't leave us hanging, did you get it?
  2. :popcorn:
  3. :graucho: :graucho: iknowwwww
  4. hurrieeee! :yahoo:
  5. I've just gained 3 popcorn pounds!!! Do you want me to turn into a porker????
  6. I am lost....What is she getting...?:shrugs:
  7. You guys crack me up.......NO.....I didn't get it. Decided that when the times right, I'm going for an all Barenia bag..........when I'm that undecided, then I know I need to hold off.

    But it's a gorgeous bag and someone should pounce on that baby!
  8. Too late, look what happened to me...

    Sorry ladies, I am now so large that my pic won't fit!
  9. OH NO!!!! I can't see the pics, Rose!!!!!
  10. rose, r u talking about the barenia trim? I'm lost too! shopmom, did you get it? is vegas shipping them to you?
  11. NOOOOOO, I'm taking about the Central park scarf......
  12. We just can't keep up with Shopmom!!

    Anyhooooo, Shopmom I think that you NEED an all-Barenia Trim. Kristie's is insanely gorgeous!
  13. I thought you were talking about the bracelet! :roflmfao: Hey D,...we can't keep track...we need a list of Shopmom buys/not buys! ;)
  14. Oh for Gods sake, guys....will you please keep up???? What am I going to do with you.....'s the run down.

    Barenia/Crin Trim - NO
    Barenia Trim in Las Vegas - NO
    Illico Cuff - Nothing, nowhere in the entire world except MAYBE Paris...:sad:
    Other Cuff - YES! Bought a Rouge H Box leather Ano cuff...:heart:
    Agenda - YES! Bought Rouge H Box agenda.....:heart:
    Pelican Cadena in Gold - YES! Thank you DQ for finding that one.....:heart:
    Central Park scarf - Not unless I find an extra couple of hundred lying around after buying all this other stuff!

    ok......that's all my wallet can handle for now......let's see what next week brings! :wlae:
  15. :yahoo: congrats on all the buys!
    Rouge H Ano!!! :love: How gorgeous!!!