Shopmom is off to Las Vegas!!!!

  1. Well...I'm packed and all I've got left to do is get my fanny to the airport in the morning. This is it girls....going to close Mom's house, deal with real estate people, carpenters, cleaning service, banks and utilities. Leaving a heartfelt note on my mothers kitchen counter for the new owners of her house and then I'm off to Bellagio to indulge myself in some much needed and well deserved R&R.

    I'll miss you guys!!!!!!

    ....i just might have to find my way to an internet cafe with my martini and report back on all the shenanigans at the Hermes store.....hmmmmmmm...I think so....

    Shopmom poolside :beach:
  2. Miss ya already! Have a wonderful time!!!! Try to log in and report. Have fun shopping!!!! :flowers: :heart:
  3. Have a fabulous trip! Enjoy and pamper yourself Las Vegas style :supacool: . Can't wait to hear ALL about it!!
  4. Have fun at Bellagio and Hermes Shopmom! Looking forward to the report...have a safe trip! :flowers:
  5. Just thought of something frightening.....what if I walk into the Hermes store and find all the bags I've been daydreaming about just sitting there on the shelves?!?!?!?! 28cm Black Chevre Kelly w/Pall, 31cm Rouge H Bolide, Plume Elan. Just.....sitting there......waiting.

    I can NOT go in there after Martini's and that's all there is to it.
  6. :drinkup: !!!!!!!!!!
  7. Have fun shopmom! Enjoy your trip! and be productive at H!! we want to see pictures! We want to drool! :tender:
  8. Have FUN FUN FUN!!! Let us know how it went at Hermes .....$$$
  9. hey Shopmom, Have a safe & fabulous trip!!! :yahoo: :wlae: I'm looking forward to your report/update! :yes:

    p.s. Looks like my airmail is not going to reach you on time...take a peek in your letter box when you're back from Vegas! ;) :flowers:
  10. Oh I know....Pick the one that you love most, ok? :flowers: Follow your :heart: !
  11. Shopmom, we'll be thinking of you!!
  12. Have Fun Shopmom!! :smile:
  13. Have a fun and safe trip!
  14. :drinkup: :drinks: :party: :tispy: I'll...(hickup), tthhake um Alll! (hickup):choochoo:
  15. Have a great trip shopmom!