Shopmom, Coffee and Hermes....

  1. Well, the coffee part is just that I'm typing this while drinkin a hot cup of joe....nothing too exciting about that except that it's GOOD coffee instead of that dishwater I drank in the cafe outside Neiman's this morning :sick:

    Ok, anyway....Lady H and I high-tailed it bright and early into the city today in order to beat the traffic (which is bad enough to make your hair stand on end), tossed the car keys to the attendant in the garage and made a B-line to Hermes. Jose wan't there but my Chocolate Cashmere Shawl certainly WAS! And girls, this thing is beyond TDF! It has the softest hand of any cashmere I've ever felt in my life and I've felt plenty! I think Twigs said she owns one in almost every color and now I can see why :heart: ! If you like shawls and have worn them in the past and now want something that will not only keep you warm but look chic as well then this is the baby for you! They had it in Rust, Black, deep Blue (not Navy), Saphire, Dusty Pink and Chocolate. $890.00 USD and it's worth every penny!

    it came home with me....:shame: shocker, I know :shocked:

    But I did have another mission for going today (actually I had a few)...I left my Peony's scarf to be plissed and was told not to expect it for FOUR months! :shocked: It's off to Paris (a city I've never been to but my accessories have :blink: ) and one day will come back all pleated and in a small round box. :biggrin:

    AND, I looked long and hard at their leather gloves. Of course I fell madly and I mean madly in lust with a pair that I can not for the life of me remember the name of but it's short (just to the top of the wrist) and has a togle closure. Anyone know the name of this style??? Looks very much like a driving glove.

    So, that's it for this trip....except.......for the list of goodies displayed right now on the shelves!

    32cm Plume, Black Box /Red Toile,
    Mini Plume in Fuschia Lizard,
    37cm Trim in Dark Brown (?) Togo,
    31cm Bolide, Vermilion Mysore,
    31cm Bolide Potiron Togo Mou,
    40cm + (this one was BIG) Travel Bolide in dark Green (?),
    32cm Kelly, Black Box/Blue Toile,
    30cm Birkin, Black Box/Blue toile,
    32cm Constance, Blue Box or Chamonix,

    100% Cashmere - Black, Rust, Dusty Pink, Chocolate (they had two), Deep Blue, Saphire: $890.00 USD
    Cashmere/Silk Blend Printed Shawls - (GREENTEA!) $520.00

    Leather - from $295.00 to $650.00

    And that's all folks! :flowers:
  2. Aaah sounds like a great trip!! Pics of the shawl please!! I sooo want some gloves for fall myself....oooh! Enjoy shopmom!
  3. SUCH a great report, shopmom! So, they don't make two types of plain cashmere shawls? Only the one you got? I don't want anything printed, just a chocolate "pashmina" wrap...
  4. gloves for me THIS time....didn't have my size and I'm waiting for Fall-they are pretty fabby tho!

    Greentea....That's really the kind of shawl I bought. Give me a few and I'll post a pic for you. The OTHER shawls they had were the Muselline (?) like the one LaVan bought (sheer, light weight and printed) and the Cashmere/silk blends that were also printed like the scarves. These were very, very lovely too. They also had blankets $2K for these in glorious colors with fringe (but these were real blankets not shawls).
  5. Thanks so much, shopmom!! Okay, I think it's the one you got that I want. This may be my fall season treat!
  6. Shopmom...what a great day and a super report. They must love you there. I absolutely love cashmere...coming from a person who is lucky if she can wear it once or twice a year. It is my absolute favorite...right there with Hermes, diamonds, and pearls.
  7.'s some pics - the hangtag calls it a "stole" which actually makes more sense to me are pics of Shopmom's "stole". Oh...and the true color is a very rich chocolate brown. :heart:
    stolebox.jpg stole1.jpg stole2.jpg
  8. yummmmmm!!!!
  9. Your new wares are beautiful. Congratulations! Sounds like you had a delightful trip to Hermes. Too bad Jose wasn't there.

    And the selection of bags they had sounds really nice as well. Especially that birkin. I'm surprised it wasn't snatched right up immediately by someone as soon as they put it out. Did you ask about the price by any chance?
  10. Oh rats, Nathansgirl I didn't ask....I actually had that one out to check how the size looked on my frame (30cm). It's rare that they have Birkins on the shelf so I was really surprised.
  11. Sounds like you had a great time. I love your new shawl and your HAC is just beyond gorgeous. I want to get some gloves this fall too, they are on my shopping list along with an H watch and GM Globetrotter zip and now a cashmere shawl.
  12. Okay, that's IT! That's the one I want. Drool!!!
    Shopmom, how did you find the 30cm Birkin size-wise for you?
  13. ^ Yes, I'm curious as to how the B-bag looked against your frame as well.

    Btw, great stole. Personally, I like the color better than the one featured in the magazine!
  14. You ladies took my question! I was going to ask how you liked the 30cm Shopmom.
  15. GORGEOUS SCARF, Shopmom!!

    I love reading about these trips to Hermes! Sounds like they're doing a lot of tolie combos lately.

    i'm with the other girls - I LOVE Hermes gloves, but in sunny Sydney, I hardly need a pair.......but I DO admit, I have a "bit of a thing" for gloves.

    **My DH just said "does she ever stay home?".........and "tell her to stop encouraging my wife!":P ..............but he said it with a chuckle! - as if I don't encourage myself!!!!:lol: :roflmfao: **

    Anyway - how did Lady H like her day out? Did she get lots of compliments???????:yes: