Shopmom - Avatar?

  1. D....what are the specs of the two bags in your avatar?????
  2. :sneaky: :graucho:
  3. Um, Shopmom, what is that lil' Rouge H number in your Avatar?
  4. Ohhhhhh, someone is seriously busted! SPILL THE BEANS D!!!
  5. LOL Thatta girl!
  6. ....i couldn't help girls were right, as usual! I LOVE Rouge H! These are my two Chevre baby's together at last! The Rouge H is a 32cm souple Kelly and you already know Caramel/Grey Poupon...28cm rigide. These have become the two bags I use almost daily now because really they go with almost everything I wear. That Rouge H is so delicious.....I can see more Rouge H in Shopmom's Hermes future.....Box? Togo? Chamonix......:heart: :heart: :shame:

    ....and I finally got a pic of Caramel that's actually close to her real color! At last!
  7. guys crack me up....i thought i was gonna sneak that baby in there.....
  8. We need details girl!!! Where did you find her? When did you get here? More pictures!
  9. Sneak it in....Not in THIS forum lol!!
  10. D you are good girl! We need WAY more pics of that gorgeous Rouge H Kelly!
  11. Exactly. :roflmfao:
  12. OMG gorgeous!!!!! Details, details!!! :yahoo:
  13. Ok.....more pics a little later. Have to have my 3 big cups of Joe and do a little something with the mop I call hair before I snap away!
  14. Shopmom you are being way too cool
  15. More Pictures!!!!!