Shopmom and a sleepless night....

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  1. So after having given in and revealed my two SOs I spent a sleepless night wondering if I should change one of them slightly....

    Shopmom suggested that my chevre birkin should come with ruthenium hardware instead of pall as I had ordered. The longer I thought about it, the more I thought that would be a better option.

    So, I called my SA and changed my order. So now my orders are as follows:

    30 cm black box birkin with gold h/w
    30 cm black chevre birkin with ruth h/w
  2. I like those combos!!! Makes them more different from one another!
  3. Great choices Rose; now you have one that's a touch modern and edgy and one that's classic and a bit more formal! Perfect!
  4. what color will the chevre birkin be?
    the box will be gorgeous.
  5. oops, just added that in, black, suprise, suprise:shame:
  6. Both will be just lovely, Rose....
  7. Sounds great to me ......
  8. Sounds fabulous! And...your three black bags with all have different leather/hardware combinations... How elegant and practical!

    Will your (to be) bolide tide you over while you wait?
  9. I guess you really like black !!!... when do you think they will arrive ?
  10. No, the bolide will have to wait.....
  11. Just a bit:roflmfao:

    They will prob arrive early 2008.....?
  12. Great choices!!! Just stunning!!!
  13. All RIGHT, Rose!!!!!!! Ruthenium RULES!!!! (as my DD would say......)

    .....just gotta say that if I were to special order something (fat chance unless I happen to be on the phone to Las Vegas) it would be Black Chevre with Ruthenium too.....a little something in say a 28cm, Sellier! Yep!
  14. Thanks for the advice! I feel serene and calm about my orders now.
  15. Great choices Rose!!!