ShopMava-Annual Clearance-Everything 50%-80% Off Ends 11/3

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  2. Sorry...I didn't complete my post....

    It is time for our annual clearance sale. Use discount code CLEARANCE at checkout for 50% off all full price items and check out the sale section for items marked down even more! As usual, shipping is free. The code is only valid until 11/4. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
  3. have to check this out .....cute hoodies in the middle
  4. great deal for mike & chris stuff! some of that is cheaper than it was at the sample sale in LA
  5. it says "invalid code"... when does the sale start? :confused1:
  6. i got the same "invalid code" message :push:
  7. I can't imagine why the code isn't working....there was NO additional information on the newsletter that I received so it should have been effective immediately. Is there a phone contact? Sorry....I'll try to contact them later to inquire about why the code isn't working.
  8. I placed a call to Shop Mava, although I wasn't able to speak with anyone. I left a message explaining the problem with the CLEARANCE code and asked that they either return my call or log onto tpf and post the correct code. If I hear back from them, I will let you know.
  9. Thank you bagachondriac. When I found out about the invalid code issue last night, I also emailed them. I haven't heard from them either. Hopefully they can fix it soon. But now I don't think I can buy more things since I spent all my money on Bloomie's sale today.

  10. Thanks greenabys. Still no word from ShopMava!!! I just sent them an email with a link to this thread. Considering the sale ends November 3rd, I hope they act quickly!!
  11. Hi everyone! There was an error in the code but it now works! Sorry for the inconvenience, we received so many inquiries that we were unable to get back to everyone. Enjoy :smile:
  12. wow, you are all so efficient, thank you so much for chasing up and solving the issue with the code, i just placed an order :smile:
  13. I placed an order on Nov 1st and still haven't received shipping confirmation. I left them a msg on their voice mail and sent them an email. My CC is charged and no clothes came yet. I am getting little upset. When I emailed them about the coupon code not working, I heard back from them immediately. Now no one is responding...
    Did anyone place an order with them?
  14. ^^^ I placed an order as well a day after you did yours and haven't received an email with the tracking confirmation either. I have also emailed them about it and haven't received a reply yet :shrugs: