Shoplifters at Coach

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  1. I just wanted to see everyone elses take on this, because I'm sure this happens all the time.
    A few years back, I was in a Coach store at the mall and witnessed a man sticking wallets up his shirt, then walking out. I reported it to the manager, who told me that unfortunatley, since a sales associate did not see it, there was nothing that could be done. She told me that the man was a known shoplifter, and that he is in the store almost weekly, but it is just a matter of the sales associate seeing it happen. I was outraged, seeing as I was spending hundreds of dollars that day, when this theif was walking out with hundreds of dollars of stolen merchandise.
    The manager told me to call her if I wanted to talk about it more, as they were about to close. I did call her the next day. She told me that she had checked the inventory and I was right about all the wallets I had told her I saw him take. I asked her why there is no security in place- no surveillance, no security tags on merchandise. She said it is all to maintain Coach's "luxury" image. She couldnt really offer me many answers, but encouraged me to make a complaint to Coach corporate.
    I called and told my story to whomever would listen. I told them that while I understood that they are maintaining a "luxury" image, the loyal customers are the ones paying the price for their relaxed security policies. Obviously they have to make up for the loss somewhere, why not hike up the prices of bags a little bit? I also stood up for the poor sales associates. All these young women are expected to approach a man who is shoving wallets up his shirt? I'd guess that most SA's would rather not put their life on the line for something like that. Someone who is stealing merchandise with that much value, may very well be armed. I just feel like this is something Coach knows is happening, and is just turning a blind eye. I know some of the bigger stores, like in NYC, have a security guard at the door, but I've never seen this at a mall.
    That was not the only time I witnessed shoplifting in Coach. (When I go in to buy a bag, I usually end up spending a few hours pacing the store while deciding- I'm sure many of you can relate) Just look around next time, you may be surpised what you see.
    Ok, end of my vent. I obviously still buy things there, but I do get outraged from time to time. I just wanted to put this out there, to see how other loyal Coach fans felt about the issue of the security at Coach, or shall I say lack-there-of?
  2. the SAs should b trying to have him banned from the mall and maybe mall security could set-up a sting w the cops and catch him. wonder where else he is stealing from? probably sells them on eBay!
  3. Hmmmm.....while I admit that security cameras everywhere might counteract the "luxury" image, a security guard might even improve it! LV, Burberry, Cartier, Bulgari--they all have guards, and clearly they have maintained their luxurious image.
  4. tiffany has guards too. also at holts here in canada all the coach bags are sort of chained together and the SAs ubnlock them as needed. wallets r in cases. only annoying thing is u cant browse wout an Sas help.
  5. In this particular circumstance, the man who was stealing actually came into the store with a woman. She was exchanging smaller items- a scarf, a wallet (easily stealable items) She exhanged them for a purse. While she was doing the exchange, he was walking around filling his shirt. It seemed like they stole small items to exchange them for bigger ites.
  6. There was a unformed guard in my Coach store when I was there last Friday!
  7. Wal Mart has the same policy. If associates do not see them, they cannot chase them out or ban them from the store and you are right, loyal, honest customers pay the price! How horrible!!!
  8. I used to work at a jewelry store in the mall and a group of 4 came into the store and were looking at tennis bracelets. When I opened the case to show them one and was handing it to them, One of the men draped their coat on the case with his arm underneath it and slid his arm inside the case. I saw him and slammed his arm in the door. He mumbled something and they went running out. I called security but they were goners. Luckily they did not get anything.
  9. When I was in the mall a few weeks ago, the SA told me that their store got robbed, the entire display in the front of the store and someone stole a bunch of bracelets. They also told me that the store was not big enough to qualify for a security guard. In the weeks following, I saw some things in the local craigslist ads like bracelets, new bags from the bleeker line etc. I was wondering if Coach did anything to track this since I couldn't understand why these people on CL wouldn't just return the stuff if they didn't want so my first thought was that they were the ones stealling from all of the Coach stores in Boston area. It was scary when they told me the story, I would not want to approach someone either, it is not worth getting injured or threatened but it is frustrating !
  10. Honestly, I would prefer if bags were tied together and if the wallets were only in cases. That way, the stores would be less busier with people who are only there to daydream instead of people who actually want to BUY! Sorry to sound rude, but sometimes it can be so difficult to get a SA when a customer wants to try on every color of a bag, just to tell her husband later on what color to get. Seriously? Come on!

    I think Coach should only have one item of each color out (from each collection). That would definitely help from a loss prevention standpoint.

    They should really have cameras but they can only see so much. Tiffany's has cameras so that is complete BS about the luxury excuse they have.
  11. What a shame they got away with it...hopefully one day their luck will run out and Karma will bite them in the butt!
  12. That really sucks... That's why one of the main things associates need to do as soon as a customer walks into the door is to greet them eye-to-eye. A lot of people who are thieves don't like to do this because they're afraid you'll remember them.

    When I worked at Payless ShoeSource in college, even if we saw someone steal, we couldn't apprehend them... there were the "5 steps to apprehension." I don't think I remember what all the steps were, but you pretty much had to witness them take it off the shelf, conceal it, and WALK OUT the store with it. If at any moment in time you lost sight of them, like they turned a corner and you had to catch up, you couldn't do anything about it because at that moment they could've tossed the merchandise somewhere and you can't prove they still had it. And if they did toss the merchandise and you accused them of stealing, they could just turn around and try to sue. It was hard. I don't think we've ever been able to apprehend a shoplifter in the 3 1/2 years I was there...

    Whether Coach hires a security guard in a suit or has incognito guards (like Wal-Mart's theft prevention team), I think it'd be a good idea... at the very least for stores that always have theft!!
  13. My Coach boutique has sensor gates at the front, but I don't know if they sensor tag the product (many places have the sensors at the door for show).

    I used to work retail, and the sad thing is that in most good-sized cities (I worked in Boston) you cannot even get police to come to the store for shoplifters. They consider it such low priority, and often don't hesitate to tell you so. So an SA would be left trying to detain a shoplifter, unable to do his/her job (thus encouraging more shoplifters) and waiting for police for hours. It is a sad state of affairs.
  14. That is awful. I would of said something like hey what are you doing? ha ha.. j/k I wouldn't want to get jumped on my way out of the store.
  15. Shoplifting really hurts consumers and cuts into a company's bottom line. Then there's the whole other side... employee theft. I worked at Macy's for a year or so during college. One Sunday morning, I was witness to an SA that had been arrested/hand cuffed by Macy's security. Apparently the SA had been skimming money from the cash register. On another occasion, I heard that an SA had been fired for providing "generous" discounts to friends/family. I took that to mean that either the SA wasn't ringing up some of the items or was ringing up the items at an extremely and/or unbelievable reduced price.