ShopLanguage.Com Extra 20% Off With Code

  1. I just discovered another new shopping site online...and I think it's fabulous!!!!:tup:

    They have the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bags that everyone is looking for.

    I wrote to them asking for promo codes for additional discounts, and today I received this lovely email from Natalie Barber. In it, she offered me a discount code so I am passing it on as I just scored a Rebecca Minkoff bag at the sample sale over the phone today. (So much for my purse ban!) Anyway, I don't know if this code will work for more than one person or not as there was no stipulation in the email. It's worth a try!! If it doesn't, then you should write to Natalie for a new code. ShopLanguage carries a plethora of other fashion items that caught my eye as well! :woohoo:

    Here's the code:

    Please use code "itsonus" for 20% off your first entire order regardless of size or markdown!