has Kooba & Uggs on Sale

  1. Use kitsoncod for 15% off.
  2. they only have kids uggs :sad:
  3. in reallly small sizes (if i may add)
  4. I got a really cute pair of Oh Deer! shoes really cheap! Thanks for the link!
  5. I saw those too...but the shipping is kind of high at $9.95. But they are adorable shoes.
  6. They have the Report Bijou pumps that I've wanted.. but not the right color.. oh well, thanks though!
  7. I love some of the ballet flats...can't remember the brand...thinking about the kids uggs...the knit ones, for my 7 yo daughter! She has some similar boots, a pink pair and a black that she wears all of the I think she deserves the real thing now!