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  1. Hey ladies,

    Stumbled across this coupon code in my SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE (haha I still subscribe even tho I'm 21 now)

    Coupon code:

    to get 20% off your online purchase!

    I think it's valid thru mid-April. =) I'll check the valid date when I get home.
  2. great!
  3. its not working for me
  4. Not working for me either. :crybaby:
  5. it's expired early, suppose to exp on 4/11
  6. darn, i wanted one of the cc skye bracelets.
  7. thank you
  8. That sucks... =( Why did it have to expire early??!!
  9. It's Working Again!!!!!!!
  10. ^yay i think a lot of ppl email them and complained that it didn't work
  11. you guys should try it now, it works!!
  12. i want those boots, the co-co fur boot. but i feel like they might be tacky. i don't know. i love fur boots. eek!