Shopjake 25%!!!

  1. just got this code in the mail "jakenov"

  2. thanks!!
  3. CHIQUNIQUE - thanks for posting!

    I just want to share my personal experience with other tpfers - this boutique etailer has a VERY RIGID return policy. I bought a purse from them and it was clearly defective and they would NOT give me my money back. I shipped the purse back to them the morning after I received it, so clearly it was not a case where I used it and then changed my mind and returned it. I needed to get my credit card company involved to be my advocate for consumer rights. It's a pain.

    Just be absolutely sure you love the item before buying and even then, as in my case, you may have to resort to consumer protection acts to get a refund on defective merchandise.
  4. Jeez. Thanks for the warning!
  5. they are quite slow to respond too.. but well.. 25% is not small..