shopintution code and help

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  1. hi i'm new here and ran across this forum while i was serchign for soem onfo on shopintution...

    i was wonderig if this is a secure site and if they sell real stuff?

    i was also wondering if anyone knew of a promo code that i could use, or where i would find one...:yes:

    sorry for these elementary questions... but I am new to the forum and online shopping other then amazon.
  2. Try the code ADORE for 20% off.

    I don't really know the answers to your other questions though, sorry!
  3. thanks so much!
  4. Yes, they sell authentic merchandise; their brick & mortar store in California is a Hollywood Hot Spot for running into starlets. The security of their site is probably comparable to that of other online boutiques. They are notorious for slow shipping and horrible customer service, though, just so you know.
  5. ^i didn't know that before i ordered something from them almost a week ago, but i get it now. they still haven't even processed my order...
  6. I just ordered some sunglasses...I was lucky to have recieved very good customer service... I sent them an email about shipping and they called me first thing the next morning suggesting I get my item ship to someone I know in the usa rather then Canada becuase of all the taz and duty..and even said I can cancel my order if I wanted....