- One Week Only Sale - 30% To 70% Off

  1. thanks for posting this! i love intuition. hopefully they have some nice deals this time.
  2. oh oh oh! cool! thanks a bunch
  3. Too bad it takes 6 months to get what you order...not a fan!
  4. ^agree. their customer service is horrible and it takes forever to get an order.

  5. omg..for awhile i thought it was what i had ordered that took so long for it to come to me. I had no idea that all items generally took that long...that's crazy! I'll never order from there again for sure.
  6. I love browsing their website and wetting my shopping lust, but I agree with everyone else in that I have vowed never to shop there again after two horrible experiences. Processing/shipping takes forever, customer service people are snooty, and it takes just about as long to credit your account for a return as it does to get the item!!