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  1. various goodwill locations sell higher end or collectible items on the companies website, they have some high end designer stuff from time to time. Some of them are sketchy and the listings don't claim otherwise so I avoid those but some of the larger locations Guarantee authenticity of the items. Well I bought a LV wallet off there a few weeks ago that the listed stated that the item had been authenticated. Well accepted payment forms vary depending on which location it is, my listing stated that they only accepted personal check or money order. So I paid for my item with a USPS money order. It finally arrived monday (took them forever to ship it). It is fake, glaringly fake, its not even real leather. I immediately sent an email to them stating that it was fake and their auction clearly stated that this had been authenticated and I would like to return it for a refund. They finally replied today and their response was was:

    "Per the terms of our site and auction only allows returns with prior authorization within 7 days if the item was damaged during shipping or the item you recieved is not the item purchased. We are sorry that you are unhappy with your purchase from us however we are unable to accept a return of this item."

    So I think I now know why they only wanted a check or money order! I am so upset. I will never buy anything from there again. which is a shame because I did get a lot of good fenton glass pieces from there, but no more!
  2. Within 7 days of receipt? Then technically you are still within the window...

    File SNAD with eBay, end of story.
  3. I think this is going to be one those instances where you're going to have to cut your losses. Even though they said it was authenticated, it would have been wise to get the listing looked at yourself before buying. I don't think the people working at Goodwill stores that list these items really know what's real and what's not. Sorry to hear you lost money on a fake wallet.
  4. This wasn't an eBay auction.
  5. That's just totally wrong. Op could try escalating this to "management" level other than the low-level customer service, or go to the bbb, and/or finding & contacting the appropriate mid-level management contacts with the main organization. Also use facebook and twitter if you have to.
  6. is a seller on eBay, hence my assumption; the OP's post is honestly a little hard to understand.

    If this wasn't an eBay auction and was a transaction via itself, perhaps this belongs in the General Shopping forum...?
  7. Don't feel bad OP I got taken for $212 for a Chanel wallet on there last year. It was also "guaranteed authentic and professionally authenticated" got it and it was stamped Chanel Made in Paris and the zipper was the cheapest thing I've ever seen, that would have been a dead giveaway that is was a fake but the photos they showed had been cropped so that you could only see the Chanel, I had previously purchased a pair if gucci shoes and a prada belt from there and they were authentic so I didnt really have any reason to doubt their word. I paid with a personal check and I was not able to get a refund either. they gave me the same spill about reading their return policy etc. Some locations that sell on that site are honest in their listings and know their stuff but some of the other ones are pretty crooked. best to avoid it all together.
  8. How about emailing asking for a return authorization saying the wallet isn't the one you ordered? If they ask for more details, say the one you ordered was authentic and the one they shipped was fake. ;)
  9. this isn't an ebay topic. . . . moving to correct forum.
  10. Contact Goodwill Corporate office do a goggle search explain the situation and maybe they will honor your refund.
  11. I would report them to the BBB & write to the State Attorney General's office.

    Just because they're Goodwill doesn't mean they s/b able to skate on selling counterfeit goods as authentic.
  12. Whatt method did you use for payment? I hope I didn't miss you saying that.

  13. USPS money order
  14. wow i'm sorry this happened! i hope everything works out OP
  15. that sounds horrible, they should accept the return because they said it had been authenticated. were the pictures misleading?