-30% Off With Code

  1. Hey baga! Thanks for posting!

    Does anyone know when this code expires?

  2. Good morning chloe. I logged on one final time before retiring for the night and saw your post. Good question!!:s I thoroughly searched their website and found no mention of the expiration date, so I emailed them to find out. As soon as I hear back, I will post it for you. Hope you are doing well. I've not been very active on tpf for the past few days...lots going on! Have a restful night.:sleepy:
  3. Thanks for trying to find out for me! I didn't even think to email them and ask.

    I'm doing good just hanging out being prego....but beginning to feel big and blimp-ish. Hope you are doing well too...not too crazy busy I hope. :flowers:
  4. Hi chloe...I must say that at this stage in your pregnancy, you are justified in feeling and being big and blimpish!! After all, you're carrying two. It won't be long now...aren't you just soooo excited?? As for me, I've had lots of company over the last week and it doesn't appear that will change any time soon. Throughout the day, I try to log on just to post whatever sales pop up in my inbox. Just this hour, I received a bried response from ShopEpic about the expiration date of this sale....there is none! I received a one-liner....

    We haven’t been advised of an expiration date.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
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  5. Yeah we are definitely very excited :yes:. Can't wait to meet them and see what they look like.

    Wow no expiration date?? That sounds good to me. Thanks for finding out baga! :tup:
  6. revolve is matching this one too! yah!
  7. no sale stuff