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  1. Hi! I was hoping someone might have some discount codes for Shopbop please for a discount off?:yes:
  2. they don't have any codes at the moment, and when they do, it will be posted on their site...look for something again in the next week or so...
  3. ^ ooohhh! is that insider information? Shopbop will be running another promotion? i hope so. there's a lot of stuff i have my eye on particularly a marc by marc jacobs coat.
  4. lol, more like a guess...i'm testing out my "shopbop code theory"
  5. I'm interested to know when there might be discount codes too! Been eyeing several items but don't absolutely need them... so a code would be good incentive :p
  6. There's actually a great sale going on right now...tons of stuff on sale!