Shopbop to carry Marc Jacobs stam

  1. Hi All!

    I just thought I'd post this fyi. I see that will be carrying a luxury designer boutique and one of the "sneak" items they show is a marc jacobs patchwork stam in light petrol.

    I wonder if this means they will get more collection bags in? it says debuting fall 07/ (august 07).....

    Hopefully this link will work:
  2. good for us, if is going to carry MJ main collections! more online site for us! ;):tup:
  3. I love Shopbop and I love Marc Jacobs. Seems like a winning combo to me.
  4. thanks for the good news!
    no tax, free shipping, 10% rebate from luckyrewards, i love shopbop.
  5. ^^Oooo, that makes it even nicer!! Thanks for the heads-up!
  6. LOVE that color on the stam! :love:
  7. That's wonderful news. I can't wait to see...oooo goody goody.
  8. i just came onto the forum to post this and saw someone had beat me to it! i am so excited... i adore shopbop. the picture that is up of the stam made me :drool:
  9. I wonder what other styles they'll carry! I can't wait!
  10. Can you imagine wearing that bag with an all white, black, brown or cream outfit....Wooowee, that's going to be HOT.
  11. Wow--that's a gorgeous color for the stam!!
  12. The more online options, the better! Oh and that Stam is gorgeous!! :drool:
  13. the're making it a little too easy for us now... i might have to put myself on one of those 3 letter words... what is it? ban?

  14. what the 10% rebate from luckyrewards???
  15. Arrrgh! I have never cursed my vacation more than now! I'm dying to return in a month to take a look at this gorgeous bag IRL-where was it that all of you ladies have seen it? I hope Nordies have's the only high end department store around where I live! :sweatdrop: