Shopbop - This Is It! Final Sale-70% Off

  1. Shopbop's winter sales just got better :yahoo:

    Handbags on sale include:

    -Kooba (Carly & Reese Metallic)
    -Rebecca Minkoff (Dream Bag, Matinee, and morning after mini)
    -Lots of L.A.M.B!!

    There's others too, but these ones caught my eye. Go get some while they're available!
  2. there were 64 bags on there earlier!
  3. i am responsible for knocking 2 of them off the site! eep
  4. I have the Kooba Reese Metallic bag in my cart if anyone wants it. It's $486. I'll release in 10 minutes if I don't hear anything.
  5. Thanks, I got this email too! Hurry up and get the items you want cuz things are going fast!
  6. I was trying to get the Kale bag but it keeps disappearing lol
  7. Me too! Somebody has quick paws b/c as soon as it reappears it disappears again. :sad:
  8. I just bought this for a little over $200.......anyone have a Giorgio Brato?
    It was originally $795.


    I'm not a big fan of light colored bags, but this looked pretty, and had a killer price.
  9. NOoooooo, just missed out on the pair of TRs in my size for $58
  10. Too funny moogle. I was trying to buy that one but it was sold out so I bought the black one instead. The style is very cute though. I'm sure we'll love them.
  11. yeah, I posted 2 hours ago about this sale in the previous Shopbop's topic. They had more bags: 6 full pages.
  12. i keep hoping the MBMJ mouse flats would go on sale!
  13. any additional codes availables?
  14. i keep trying to add items to my cart and it keeps saying out of stock even though the size/color are there on the drop down list!??!:shrugs: