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  1. Shopbop is having one of their spend more save more sales

    Spend 150 get 25 off
    Spend 300 get 50 off
    Spend 500 get 100 off
    Spend 1000 get 250 off


    Ends 8/27/08
  2. OF course, after I placed an order yesterday!
  3. Ugh...I placed an order at the end of last week. I always miss out!!!
  4. thanks, i know this is going to be either this week or next week, last year they did the same promo on the 1st week of Sept...yeh!
  5. I guess this doesn't apply to sale? I'm trying to check out w/a sale item but it's not applying.
  6. ^Sango, I tried it on a sale bag and it worked. Maybe you should try again????
  7. Finally, a ShopBOP code! Since I'm a dork I broke down exactly how much of a discount you are getting based on how much you spend. Results below:

    Spend $150 get $25 off = 16.6%
    Spend $300 get $50 off = 16.6%
    Spend $500 get $100 off = 20%
    Spend $1000 get $250 off = 25%
  8. I just bought something a week ago :sad: This sucks lol
  9. Thanks for posting! I got a
    Marc by Marc Jacobs
    Totally Turnlock Faridah Bag

    and it's $50 off plus 6% back from Mr. Rebates :smile:
  10. Argghhh! I placed an order for a large SWORD Volterra jacket on 8/4 that I'm returning today because it was too big and I ordered the medium instead. I just got it last week and was going to keep it but now I have to return that too. Shopbop won't adjust the price. I actually had to buy a new one just a moment ago and now I have two jackets to return. The hassle I will go through to save $100. Actually less once you factor in shipping charges and finance charges on my CC while I'm waiting for a refund!!!

    Thanks for the heads up though! I appreciate it.
  11. #11 Aug 25, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2008
    Yay! Thanx shaurin! It worked. Got these Barbara Buis with the discount. Hope they fit!
  12. Sango, those shoes are GORGEOUS!
  13. If I had waited 2 weeks I could have saved $100 on my See by Chloe bag. :cursing:
  14. It's not working on sale stuff for me either... I'm going to call cs in the morning - I'll let you know what they say
  15. And I just realized I got a RM at the end of last week. I could have saved $100. I emailed them about an adjustment. Not expecting a response. UGH! Best not to tell hubby about this...ha ha!