shopbop sent me the wrong bag :( help!

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  1. So I was really excited to receive my Botkier bag only to see that I received a slightly beat up Rebecca Minkoff bag (one that I don't even recognize, it has the shape of the Morning After Bag but the wrong handles)

    This is the letter I am e-mailing to them - any thoughts please?

    Dear Customer Service,

    Hi, I recently ordered the Botkier Chrystie Satchel on final sale. Today I received my package and was saddened to see instead of the Botkier I was excited about, I received a slightly beaten up bag with Rebecca Minkoff's name all over it. My order number was 3242122-00, and the receipt is for an all black Botkier Chrystie Satchel bag, but instead I received this Minkoff bag. I understand that mistakes happen, but it does upset me that this is my first experience with ShopBop. I have also noticed that the bag I ordered is no longer on your website. So does that mean I will not be able to receive what I ordered, and will have to return the wrong back at my own cost (as shipping this would be expensive)?

    Please let me know the best course of action.

    Thank you for your time,

  2. Yup, your email seems good! :tup: Just in case, I'd consider taking a picture of the bag as well, and attaching it to the email.

    You should also definitely press them about reimbursing you for the shipping in whole, since it was their mistake in sending you a completely wrong bag. I think if you request for a return shipping label, you won't have to pay anything to ship the bag back to them, and therefore won't have to worry about any actual reimbursement (just in case they're finicky about refunding the additional return shipping cost). HTH! =)
  3. Sorry this happened I agree, ask for a return shipping label.
  4. Well I'm sad - they no longer have the bag they were supposed to send me :sad: But they said they'd send me a shipping label and they credited me an extra 25 bucks for a future purchase, so I guess it isn't a total suck...just a bummer.
  5. That is a bummer :sad:
  6. Aww, I'm sorry, that really is a bummer that they no longer have your bag after they were the ones who made the mistake in shipping the wrong bag. =( It is good that they will fully refund you for the wrong bag as well as paying for the return shipping, though, so that this way, you're at least not out of the shipping cost as well.

    I do hope that you can find your bag elsewhere, though! =) I think Luna Boston might have this bag available as well, although the price may not be as low as ShopBop's final sale price... Good luck if you decide to continue searching for the bag!
  7. haha, except the shopbop final sale was 208! It was a crazy good price - obviously too good to be true for me! Maybe it was a sign that I need to quit buying bags lol.
  8. Oh wow, I thought it was $308! NVM, haha.
  9. I would ask for $100 in store credit towards your next purchase.
  10. That sucks royally. I'm sorry this had to happen with your first shopbop order. The Botkier chrystie is so cute too (I'm still in love with the hobo...-sigh-). You should keep checking up on it on Amazon, though. Prices on there are always going up and down.