Shopbop Sale

  1. They have new markdowns & more items! Remember to use ******!
  2. ****** didn't work for me
  3. Thanks for the alert! I just ordered some Ugg Dunwich Boots for $125, down from $250. They were $175 last week. They are shearling and leather riding boots. Very cute and classic. Unfortunately, I forgot to use Lucky Breaks for a 10% rebate. Bah!
  4. Ohhh, I got lots o' goodies and ****** 6% cash back!!!
  5. yaaaaayyyy! i just got a vince tweed coat for $172 normally $575! used lucky rewards for 10% back too! woo hoo!
  6. Did you guys get an e-mail confirmation??? I placed my order about 2 hrs ago and I haven't received anything. Is it possible they're just really busy???
  7. I'm bummed, I bought stuff on their last mark down mostly at 30% to 50% off... and now the stuff I got is 70% off!!!!!! WTF??!! oh well ): Atleast they don't have my size or else I'd be really mad lol
  8. how do you get lucky rewards? i would love to know!
  9. I think you have to first subscribe to Lucky magazine. If you Google "Lucky Rewards," you will get the site with the info you need.
  10. UGGGGhhhhh...I JUST got that coat yesterday from Saks for $230. I'm calling my SA as I type to see about a price adjustment!:cursing: :cursing:
  11. i see a really cute Juicy tweed jacket on there. It's final sale and i can't decide on a size! I wear a 4 normally, but Juicy seems to run small. Should i buy up?
  12. Katheryn,
    wow, thats really good deal! I love Dunwich boots, so comfy!
    I bought a pair last month via ****** for $175, they were the last pair for my size.

    I'm still waiting for ****** to credit my Shopbop purchase tho...
  13. Thabks! I'll check it out.

  14. Glad to hear they are comfy! I almost bought them when they were $175, but decided against it. I am glad I waited! Do they run true to size? I am usually a 6 or 6.5 but I got a 5.5 because that was all they had. I heard that Uggs run big, so I took the chance. I hope they work out for me.
  15. I got the email earlier today and managed to get a really cute Juicy Couture velour dress for $59.40!! :yahoo: I was in need a winterish dress so this was perfect.